Yesterday I complained bitterly about the unceasing stream of political strife in my daily Twitter feed. It can’t be healthy to allow politics to consume every moment of every day of our lives. Many of my friends have already abandoned social media because the vitriol is too much to digest. Now I’m cutting back on Twitter too. Unfollowing, muting, and blocking retweets is not enough and life is too short to make a steady diet of it.

The popular ARRL June VHF Contest gets under way at 1800 UTC today, and continues until 0259 UTC on Monday, June 12.

The SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES) also takes place this weekend from 12:00 UTC today, though 23:59 on Sunday, June 11. This month’s event is the annual Boat Anchor Regatta. If your rig has tubes, you’re worth bonus points. Tubes, as in the sum of the tubes in your transceiver or transmitter-receiver pair, and power supply. And if your transmitter’s frequency is set by a crystal instead of a VFO, you’re potentially worth mucho bonus points.