FT8 is too new to be specified in ADIF and that can be problematic for logging to remote QSL systems like LoTW. I’ve poked around online to see how or when we can expect this to show up so I can upload to Logbook of the World.

I’ve received plenty of replies explaining that “this is why you should use eQSL” or some other logging service that has already started accepting FT8 submissions. This is unappealing to me because I only use LoTW and have no interest in pushing data to a dozen places, none of which provide ARRL award credit.

In the course of looking into this, someone did suggest uploading FT8 contacts to LoTW using DATA as the mode instead of FT8. This would work but as it turns out, these kinds of things were already anticipated. See this note from the LoTW FAQ:

Because new modes may not yet be specified in ADIF, and because LoTW may not accept all modes specified in ADIF, TQSL enables you to “map” a new mode to a mode or mode group recognized by LoTW. This most often takes the form of mapping a new digital mode CoolNewDigitalMode to the DATA mode group. Note that TQSL will refuse to map a mode that is accepted by LoTW.

The FAQ then goes on to explain how to do that - and I did. Uploaded all my new FT8 log info and it properly appears in my account. Have already had a few confirmations too, though I suspect many are waiting for some official change to the ADIF specification.