So much FT8 yesterday that I got tired of it.

Craving a little more human action, I dropped down to CW.

The NAQP CW contest was in full-swing and for a moment I thought about jumping into the fray. But after getting a snoot-full of 40+ WPM code that was (mostly) without doubt generated by pushbutton, I pondered how this was any different than the HF digital stuff I was trying to escape.

I decided it best to find where my fellow straight key compatriots were hanging out. They often congregate on the WARC bands when the big CW contests are churning the waters into a froth.

I checked the sked page and sure enough, they were taking refuge on 30 meters - and a few of them on 60. No kidding. I’m no stranger to 5Mhz but I don’t spend much time there either and last night thought it could be a useful diversion.

I worked a couple of stations, one in West Virginia the other in Pennsylvania.

And it was nice to be pounding brass the old fashioned way after my two-week diet of digital work. I have a goal in mind for FT8 and at the rate I’m going, I should get there fairly soon. And when I do, I’m going to put FT8 back into my tool belt, ready for the next DXpedition or Six Meter opening.

It’s been fun but it’s too easy to get stuck in a one mode rut.