Forty meters was in great shape early this morning. I knew right away because the 7300 fired up on 7.163 - a wide spot in the road where a nice roundtable of friendlies tend to hangout in the morning. Jim, WB2REM was running the table which included a VK who was a solid S9 and considerably more than that from time to time.

The Hawaii QSO Party was underway and before I could get the FT8 laptop up and running I worked KH7XS on Hilo on 40 phone. FT8 was in good shape on 40 and I put fifty more in the log including ZL’s, VK’s and a coupld of JA’s but still nothing from HI on FT8.

As the morning wore on I jumped into the Kansas QSO Party and quickly worked a dozen of the 1x1 stations on 20 meter phone.

Before noon we visited the local Farmer’s Market where I picked up fresh green beans and red potatoes and then we took a run out to Summit Lake State Park for an afternoon by the water and in the sunshine. The humidity is low and the temperature is 75F - a beautiful day.

Back home now and cooking the green beans and taters for supper and then I’ll be back in the shack for the rest of the evening to try and snag that elusive HI FT8 contact!