My wife and I plan to attend the Bloomington (Indiana) Hamfest next Saturday.

It’s a 2.5-hour drive from my house so normally we could just drive down and back in one day. But there’s no fun in that. And we noticed that on Friday night, in the same venue, the local club is sponsoring a fox hunt followed by a spaghetti dinner with live country music with the proceeds going to their “Helping Ham Fund”.

So, what the heck, we’re going down on Friday to partake in these festivities before the fest on Saturday morning. Trying to find lodging was tougher than I imagined. Almost every room in Bloomington is sold-out and what wasn’t was going for $300+ a night.

The room scarcity isn’t related to the hamfest – Bloomington is home to Indiana University which is hosting a football game on Saturday afternoon. I found a room 20 miles south for $200, more than I wanted to spend but I booked it.

Life’s too short to be a party pooper. See you there?