Nice day here in the Heartland. Chilly but lots of sun. We worked in the yard cleaning up leaves for nearly four hours before calling it quits and ordering pizza. We just couldn’t find enough energy to get cleaned up to go out for dinner.

I worked W5KID, the USS Kidd Amateur Radio Club that maintains a permanent amateur radio station on board the USS KIDD, DD-661, a restored World War II Fletcher class destroyer. The station consists of a Yaesu FT-450D running 100 watts to a random wire, 150 ft. long in the ship’s rigging. Much of this antenna is the ship’s original HF wire antenna.

Today’s operation was a special event for Veteran’s Day. It was also notable that the contact was made using FT8 - and that’s not the first special event station I’ve worked using the new digital mode. It’s growing acceptance for special event use validates it’s place at the table.

An LoTW confirmation showed up today from CN3A for our contact made during the CQWW SSB contest a few weeks ago. Happy dance because that was my first confirmed phone contact with Morocco.

And one special note, I was getting ready to close the station when I noticed Bob, VA3QV in the FT8 waterfall on 30 meters. Despite having been online friends for several years, we finally made our first radio contact!