The weather has been all the conversation here for the last few weeks. We’ve not been above freezing since before Christmas. That’s all set to change tomorrow as warmer air is supposed to roll in and the ten-day forecast says high temps will be in the 30-45F range for awhile. Some will say “it’s about time” but me, I like the cold weather.

I arrived home last night eager to jump back into the SKCC K3Y event but it was not to be.

I had to modify the size of the key plug on my straight key to use it with the 7300 which has a 6.35mm jack. But the 7300 is gone now and I’m back to using the Eagle which requires a 3.5mm plug, and guess what I couldn’t quickly put my hands on last night?

Despite this minor setback, I’ll be on the air this evening looking for more K3Y stations. I always try to get each NA call area into the log during the first weekend, and then use the rest of the month of January to sop up whatever else I can.

Filling in all of the possible bandspots is the last thing I work on.

You can follow my progress here though it sometimes takes a few days for all the results to be updated.