I spent some time fiddling with the openSPOT last night. The goal was to test the ability to call another station directly, DMR ID to DMR ID. The test was performed with N9AVG in Illinois. It didn’t require any changes to the openSPOT configuration, just the addition of his ID to my transceiver configuration.

This was based on a comment in the SharkRF support forums:

“Create a channel with your friend’s ID as the TX contact instead of a talkgroup, and then have your friend do the exact same with your ID. Disconnect your openSPOT from any connected talkgroups (group call 4000), and then switch over to the new channel that’s just your friend’s ID. Key up & you will come out of his radio only”.

It worked as described though we still want to continue the test to see if a direct connection made will interrupt an ongoing connection to a talkgroup or reflector or if the direct “channel” can be continuously monitored via scanning, etc.

With a little more hacking it’s apparently even possible to create a similar private connection between more than two users.

There’s much to learn about the emerging world of amateur radio networking.