Scott, N1VG recently posted this update about the new Tracker4:

“The Tracker4 is getting close to release!  I’m expecting to have it ready at the end of May or start of June - there’s one more board revision expected, adding a DB9 serial connector to the front for the sake of interfacing with weather stations and Garmin devices and such, though with the internal GPS receiver most users won’t need to touch it”.

“Your pre-orders will help me make some decisions on how big a first production run of PCBs to make, and whether we’ll be doing all of the enclosure machining in house or outsourcing that”.

“The link below has some information about the new features, in case you missed my previous post.  It’s a tracker, TNC, and digi like its predecessors, but it’s also a standalone IGate and a multi-function gadget that gives you easy BASIC scripting access to external sensors and relays, parsed APRS packets, DTMF encoding and decoding, WAV file recording and playback, and (still in progress) networking features for interacting with web services”.

“The T4 is also very closely related to the new ADS-SR2 repeater controller, and currently it’ll work as a simplex repeater for voice or SSTV.  That feature might get made into an optional upgrade, but if you pre-order we’ll make sure that you still have access to the repeater features in future updates”.

“The pre-order price is $139, and that includes a magnetic mount GPS antenna and a WiFi antenna”.