My plan to build a digipeater accelerated today when I ordered a TNC-Pi 2:

The TNC-Pi 2 is designed to perfectly match the form factor of the Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2 and Pi 3 models. All 40 header pins are communicated to the top of the TNC-Pi 2 board. The standoff has been repositioned to the bottom left corner to add greater stability. The TNC-Pi 2 no longer needs any jumpers to be configured. Otherwise the TNC-Pi 2 is functionally identical to the original TNC-Pi and there have been no changes in the firmware.

I placed the order with Coastal Chipworks about 9am this morning and received shipping notification 30 minutes later. Now that’s fast!

I’ve ordered a new transceiver to anchor the digi and just need to get an antenna in the air and pull it all together.