Third morning this week I’m in a Starbucks sipping a hot brew and listening to lousy music. The summer doldrums have arrived, bigly. It’s too hot and muggy to spend time outdoors and a pre-dawn hour on the radio is about all the sitting around the house I can stand. #

I did manage to work Ed, W0RJW up at Fife Lake in Michigan on 80 meters this morning. The band was noisy and we exchanged 339 reports a couple of times. I’d like to work him again with better conditions. But this QSO moved my SKCC total to 300 in the quest for Tx8 and I’ve already submitted my application for Tx6. #

I see that attendance at the Dayton Hamvention was down about a thousand from the previous year. I wouldn’t have been surprised had it been even lower. Attendance was down at Friedrichshafen this year too. Organizers of both had good excuses but perhaps a developing trend? #

Just upgraded MacLoggerDX to version 6.19. #

I shipped another box full of t-shirts this morning. The lady at the Post Office recognizes me. I need to begin wearing a disguise to stay below the radar. HI! #

23 new grids towards VUCC on 50MHz so far this week. Six is great fun when it’s open and it’s usually “hot” for about 20 days or so around the solstices. Won’t be long before it goes back into mostly sleepy mode so trying to make hay while it can be made. Don’t miss it. #

We’ll be in Michigan next week, hanging out on a Great Lake. I might take the D-STAR handheld and hotspot or maybe not. Might just turn into several days of radio silence for me and that’s okay.

The Radio Amateur is Balanced… and I’ve been hitting it pretty hard lately.

Have a GREAT weekend! 73 de Jeff #