I was in the shack at 9pm local time last night in order to participate in the Spartan Sprint. Not hearing any sprinters on 40, I moved to 20 meters and called CQ SP without success. The band wasn’t dead at that hour and I managed a nice QRP-to-QRP contact with K4JPN in Georgia.

By 10pm I was getting suspicious that the sprint would be a bust for me and returned to 40 meters and finally heard a few stations around 7041 calling ‘CQ SP’ and went to work. K4BAI and WB5BKL were quickly in the log and that was it. I heard, or imagined, a few other extremely light signals in the noise but never worked another soul in this Spartan Sprint.

Nevertheless, two contacts beats getting skunked and when it was over I sent off my results and feel good about continuing that QRP tradition.

While on 40 meters, I also managed to work a few more of the 13 Colonies stations. K2E in Delaware and K2K in New Hampshire bringing my total to eight colonies worked in that special event.

But now I’m QRT for a few days. In fact, by the time you read this we will be happily motoring north where we intend to spend the next few days enjoying our favorite getaway, Holland, Michigan.