Being the first of a new month, I was handling some logging chores last night after I got home from work and noticed that I hadn’t logged a single SKCC contact during the month of September.

That’s not good considering that I aspire to achieve the next step on the Straight Key ladder (Senator) and that requires a much higher level of activity than I’ve been putting in this year. I decided there was no time like the present to take it up a notch, so I went trolling in the SKCC waters and ended up making four contacts, three of them were new numbers of the proper flavor and that bumped my total up a little.

Notable (at least to me) was that three of them were with operators who happened to be younger than me.

Despite being nearly 60, most of the people I meet via CW are usually considerably older than I am. It’s not so strange to find old guys pounding brass but, in my experience, it’s a little unusual to find younger folks attentive to the key. There’s no breaking news here or inferences to be drawn from this sampling, just an observation that’s seemed a little out of the ordinary.

I’ve also noticed lately that 40 meters is going long much earlier in the evenings than usual. I worked these three not long after local sundown and they were all “out West”. Nevada, California, Oregon. These were easy 599 copy with solid signals. Meanwhile, I copied them working other stations within 500 miles of me whose signals were completely hidden from my receiver.

Hopefully time in the shack tonight will be as productive and as interesting as it was last night.