Who wouldn’t want to be a 10GHz rover after reading this amazing soapbox from K1RZ:

“My First Rove. OK it was really my first Portable Operation on 10GHz. NOW I appreciate so much more what so many of you do to-do-what-you-do - go portable in the ARRL 10GHz and up Contest. For the August weekend I went northeast to join up with Dale AF1T and Mickie W1MKY on one of their favorite spots on Block Island RI at FN41ee…”

Sharp ears took note that Ray Novak, N9JA from ICOM America mentioned that he would have the mythical IC-9700 “in his hands” in March of 2019 while co-hosting a recent edition of HamNation. Let’s just say the new all-mode tri-band/satellite transceiver should arrive sometime over the next few months. Having pre-ordered one from DX Engineering nearly a year ago, I’m just pleased to hear any news at all about its impending release.

A little more investigation into my “dead” IRLP node revealed that it was the SD card that became corrupt making this another painful lesson in making back-ups. A newly formatted and configured memory card is ordered and on its way. This one will be cloned as soon as I get it and the clone will be stored in the vault.

I hadn’t thought about it before, but I have an older embedded node that died a few years ago. The computer components are no longer available to be replaced but the IRLP card in it remains usable and I could employ it with a spare Raspberry Pi to build a second node for use or for sale.

Yet another project on the workbench. It’s getting deep up in here…