The RTTY edition of the North American QSO Party takes place this weekend. I said after the WPX RTTY a few weeks ago that next time around I’d use software instead of just pre-programmed messages. That was the plan but then I got this silly notion to use my KX3 on RTTY via the CW paddles. I’ve no idea how this will turn out but it will be a unique experience for me!

The new acrylic stands for my KX3 and PX3 arrived from DXEngineering yesterday. These will replace the vertical wooden stand I had been using. I’ll still build a shelf to support the amplifier and power supply above the radio and panadaptor. I’m going to visit a local supplier of old wood to see if I can find something interesting for this little woodworking project.

The weekend weather promises to be warmer with even more rain. It never stops raining here any more so that hardly matters. But the warmer temps mean I can get out in the garage and should be able to get the shelf built and perhaps finished yet this weekend.