Recounting Those Beans

Less than an hour after I wrote about my logging frustrations, I received a message from Don Agro, VE3VRW – principal architect at Dog Park Software, informing me that the latest beta version of MacLoggerDX includes support for managing SKCC contacts.

I installed the beta (v5.57 beta 41) and sure enough, a new column option exists for the SKCC number that’s auto-filled from the club database. It works perfectly for what I was looking for – an easy way to parse club contacts for the unique awards offered.

Once again, I’m delighted by the service provided by Dog Park Software.

And by the way, after adding a few contacts on Sunday, I qualified for Tribune x2 status. It’s a long road to Senator, but at least now I can focus on operating and not worry about coming up with a workable logging solution.

Author: Jeff Davis