Step One: Make a Big Mess

With the holiday behind and the kids having retreated to their respective homes, I was finally able to spend some time this weekend tearing down the old radio shack to make room for what’s to come in the New Year and at the moment, I’ve got a big mess on my hands.

And this as new gear is already showing up. First item in the door was a high-powered current balun and tomorrow, the UPS man is supposed to deliver a new Palstar communications speaker. Both items ordered from DX Engineering.

The TenTec Eagle could be shipped this week though I’m not holding my breath. Ordering anything during the holiday season can be a tad risky.

Good thing I’m in no big hurry. I’ve been QRT on HF for over a week now but thanks to the busy season, haven’t suffered too badly. Yet. I work tomorrow and Tuesday and then have the rest of the week off during which time I hope to get the new cabinets installed and maybe even buy a new desk.

Improvements in station grounding (RF) and some additional antenna work are planned – a little later.

At the moment, the remodeling and ergonomic improvements of the work space are at the top of the list. But so is spending a little quality time during the month of January in the SKCC 2K15 K3Y Celebration.


Author: Jeff Davis