Good Day on 20

Saturday arrived with cold rain and a stiff enough breeze to make it fairly miserable outside. That presented no real problem, it was one of those lazy days where you appreciate staying inside. Sometime in the afternoon I switched to 20 meters and was reminded of the Florida QSO Party when I heard folks calling.

I enjoy the State QSO Party’s, I’m just not serious about them. It’s typical for me to jump in, make a dozen contacts, and jump right back out.

And that’s precisely how this one went. I was in for about an hour, made two phone contacts and 18 CW contacts, all on 20 meters and called it quits. The band was very quiet with signals popping out of the noise floor. I tuned a bit more before tuning across KM1CC – the Marconi Cape Cod Radio club station celebrating, International Marconi Day.

I’ll probably send for their card.

I was out of the shack for a few hours after that but left the transceiver powered up. When I returned, it was getting late and I thought to shut things down and call it a day. But there was Fed, RA6AN calling CQ from Krasnodar with a great signal and we chatted for a few minutes. And the day still wasn’t quite over yet. Before pulling the big switch I got to send greetings to Laci, OM2VL in the Slovak Republic and Tom, 9A4W in Croatia.

I shuffled off to bed sometime after midnight and couldn’t help but think that it had been a good day on 20.

Author: Jeff Davis