Catching up with Art Bell

Retired again, W6OBB is still active on the amateur bands and he’s taken up a new hobby

UPDATE: Art Bell was a guest this week on the QSO Today Podcast.

The most recent retirement of late night talk radio personality Art Bell, W6OBB occurred a few months ago when he claimed a stalker was taking shots at him in the dark desert nights around his home studio in Pahrump, Nevada. Police reports and rumors abound but there’s no progress breaking that case and Bell remains retired.

His program, Midnight in the Desert has continued in his absence with his producer, Heather Wade assuming the duties of host. Art Bell has appeared a time or two as a guest host and fans maintain hope that he might once again host the program on a regular basis. But W6OBB is 70 years-old now and it seems unlikely he would ever return as a full-time broadcaster.

He has remained active on the amateur bands, and has even taken up a new hobby — drones. Have a look at this recent video shot from his drone while on a three mile journey that took the craft from his home headed south flying over a couple of brothels — the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch — before returning home again.

Author: Jeff Davis