Hello (again) World

Let’s call this the obligatory first post of a new blog. Even though it’s really another incarnation of what’s gone on here for decades. Still, considering the last round of blogging concluded here some three months ago, this does mark the beginning of another opportunity to solve the great mystery, so “Hello World!” 

This time I’ve shed the admin responsibilities. No more server to endlessly tweak, tune, and play with. That was fun and interesting for twenty years but I’m over it, and all it took was a credit card and a visit to WordPress.

I turned everything over to them, domain registration, my email service, and the hosting. That should take a load off, and having the ability to update, manage, and post articles from any platform promises to be a nifty convenience. 

But things have changed a lot since I last used WordPress as the CMS on my own server and it will no doubt require additional tweaking to get comfortable with a themed rendition that behaves properly. (In other words, expect some changes ahead). 

I considered keeping the site under wraps until I got everything just so-so but I’ve generally found that’s easier done “live” than undercover.

Besides, it was important to get rolling before the end of this year because several new ham radio goals for 2020 will become the primary subject of this new treatise and time is running out to get started.

Stay tuned.