Be It Resolved

The annual list of New Year’s resolutions for 2020

There’s a lot to be done in the New Year. I want to complete the shack remodeling, install several new antennas and all new feed-lines and a new ground system and appropriate lightning protection. Liquidating my slowly growing inventory of equipment that’s no longer in use is high on my list too. Oh, and I’ll finally add some bio information to my QRZ listing. I’ve always meant to do that but have never gotten round to it.

But those are just taken from my continuous improvement plans and are pretty basic. They aren’t nearly pretentious enough to be considered stretch goals worthy of being considered resolutions for a New Year. I only have a few be it resolved type goals for 2020:

  • Working stations via the Moon. EME has been on my personal radar for nearly a decade and it’s the reason I purchased the IC-9700. In my opinion, this is the pinnacle of amateur radio operation. It’s a technical challenge unlike any other facet of our hobby. It’s literally an out of this world experience and I intend to become a lunatic in 2020.
  • Meteor Scatter. Using the ionized trails of rocks falling from space to enhance radio communications may sound like something from a sci-fi book or movie but a cadre of radio hams practice this esoteric mode daily. In 2020, I intend to become a ping jockey and join them.
  • VUCC. I don’t collect a lot of wallpaper, but this is one I chased long ago before becoming distracted by HF activities and I intend to nail it down in 2020.

None of these seem impossible, but all of them will require a complete change in my current radio practices. Having been fully dedicated to HF for decades, I don’t have even a single VHF/UHF antenna installed. Ladder-line is the only thing that currently comes into my shack. My antennas are all supported by trees – not towers.

The pursuit of these New Years resolutions is a complete do-over from scratch for me. There is a lot to do and a lot more to learn. Progress may be slow at first but I believe achieving these in the coming year would be the absolute top of my lifelong ham radio adventure and I look forward to the new challenges!

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Hoping for your amateur radio New Years’ predictions. What is ahead for ham radio in 2020?

Happy New Years and 73,
Scott N0ZB

Nice to hear from you again Scott! No prognostication this year. My crystal ball is broken! Hope to CU on the bands in 2020.
73 de Jeff

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