On the Air

Happy New Year

20 meters still supports global communication even without sunspots

Was an easy enough night for me. No partying and I was in bed an hour before midnight. Just spitballing here, but I imagine I woke up feeling much better than a lot of folks! And I still have a few more days of vacation before the conclusion of this long holiday break.

20 Meter Morning

Just before sunrise, I was in the shack and made a few contacts on 20 meters. Not much, just a couple on Phone and two more via CW.

First was a quick chat with Walter, VP9KD on Bermuda. Shortly after I spoke with Theo, OT4A in Belgium. His homemade antennas and coils (see his QRZ bio) are definitely not “amateur”. Next was LZ5R in Bulgaria and then Marco, IK0YVV in Italy. 9K2MU was armchair copy but, sadly, he never heard my peanut whistle.

It goes to show that 20 meters still supports global communication even without sunspots. You just have to fish in the right pool at the right time — and it helps to have a little luck.

Looking to 2020

Though today is just another day, it does serve as a useful marker in the sands of time. It’s a good chance to reset and begin fresh in whatever joy and adventure you seek. Here’s wishing you well in that journey, and I hope you enjoy much health and prosperity in 2020.

Happy New Year!