I’ve been looking around for an interface for the Yaesu G-5500 azimuth-elevation rotor. While there’s plenty to choose from, I found it interesting that the LVB Tracker kit is out of production while the Yaesu GS232-B is just stupid expensive.

I mentioned that to a friend in an email and he replied that his development of an Arduino based project to do just that was coming along nicely. K3NG’s Raspberry Pi Antenna Array Rotator Control Server is precisely what I need. Given this hardware arrangement I can use the controller with my MacDoppler tracking software that will also communicate with the IC-9700 to automatically manage frequency changes due to Doppler.

While not required, I think I’ll use a Raspberry Pi and a small external display as shown in the video. Seems like a great way to automate and manage my satellite station. A GitHub repository contains the code and Goody maintains a Groups.io list for supporting technical discussions.

Here’s a direct link to the video in case you can’t view the embed above.

Also note his use of GPredict for satellite tracking. I last used that decades ago on Linux and had no idea it was still being developed or that it was available on multiple platforms. If you were looking for free tracking software I don’t know why you would look any further.