Mea culpa! In my previous post about the 2021 Jan Mayen Island JX0X DXpedition I failed to include pertinent information about the location and how to support the operation.

Jan Mayen is a Norwegian volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean, with no permanent population. It is 55 km long and 373 km² in area, partly covered by glaciers. It has two parts: larger northeast Nord-Jan and smaller Sør-Jan, linked by a 2.5 km wide isthmus.

The preliminary plan is to leave from North Norway on September 15th (PM) in a chartered Polar-designed vessel. Arrival is expected three days later depending on sea conditions. The island is also controlled by the Norwegian Armed Forces who authorize the camp setup and require the vessel to remain on stand-by outside Jan Mayen during the operation to ensure the safety of the operators.

During three weeks, from September 15th until October 5th, 2021 a small group of operators will be heading for Jan Mayen Island (71 degrees North) and during 14 days operation be active using the already confirmed callsign JXØX.

The team will run four stations simultaneously, aiming for 24/7 operation. The main modes will be CW, Digi, and some SSB. This expedition will focus on the low bands (160, 80, 60, 40, and 30 meters) with a big ear toward North America among others.

According to Club Log data, Jan Mayen (CQ Zone 40) is currently number 70 on the most wanted list. To date there has been no recorded data activity from this entity on 160, 80, 60, or 6 meters.

JXØX 2021 Jan Mayen Island DX-pedition

The proposed budget for the JX0X operation is $100,000 USD. More than $25,000 still needs to be raised. There are various levels of support available, check the DXpedition site for specific donation details. Keep in mind that donated funds will be refunded in the event the operation is cancelled.