Every now and again someone asks how I learned Morse Code and the truth is I don’t remember the exact details. I had a 33 rpm long-playing practice record that was probably produced by the ARRL. I did have a leg-up in this endeavor because a neighborhood friend and I had a pair of walkie-talkies with the ability to send code back and forth and we learned to do that long before high school.

Here in the modern era there are many options for learning the code and while all of them seem better than the vinyl record I used, I’ve heard so many good things about the Long Island CW Club and their dedicated effort to teach Morse that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that path to learning CW.

Talk: 8pm UTC, Tues 9th Feb - Long Island CW Club - learning and improving morse code for all

Howard, WB2UZE will be giving an entertaining and very informative talk on how to learn morse and to improve it. So have ever wondered about learning morse? Have tried it and struggled with motivating yourself?  Have you grasped morse but lack the confidence to go on air? Are you a morse wizz but would like to see how Long Island CW Club teach morse? Would you like to be entertained on any subject by an enthusiastic speaker?  Well, this talk could be for you. It should be a great night!

–> Streaming live on YouTube