The unseasonably cool weather seems to have surrendered to a tropical invasion. The lawn seems happy enough now that I’m having to mow it twice a week. I keep telling myself this is just a phase and eventually it will quit raining and the lawnmower will get some relief. Still, I’m happy to have replaced the HVAC a few months ago as the system is keeping things cool and dry on the inside.

That new QRP CW transceiver from WA3RNC arrived yesterday and I’ve had it on the air briefly for a quick shakedown. No luck working anyone yet but I’m making the attempt with a temporary antenna and conditions on 20 and 40 were abysmal during the half-hour I managed to set aside to play with it.

This weekend will provide a better opportunity to see how it plays and to capture some thoughts and results about it.

I had ordered a couple of short mobile whip (40 & 20) antennas with the notion that I would use them on the roof of the Jeep which would eliminate setup time in the field. I have a big magnetic base that should be perfect. But no, nothing is that easy. The fitting on the mag-mount I have isn’t compatible with these antennas.

DX Engineering is to my ham radio hobby what Lowes is to my home improvement. I can’t seem to complete any project, home or hobby, without multiple visits and multiple purchases…