Some recent work on the AMSAT servers (I think it was a server relocation to a facility in Texas) caused TLE updates to quit working for a short while. This “broke” some auto-updating features baked into many satellite tracking applications and devices. Among those, the S.A.T. antenna rotator and radio controller. This is the standalone hardware controller I use and before I even noticed it wasn’t working correctly, I got an alert about it from CSN Technologies, the company who makes the device.

The suggested fix was a firmware update and change to the file location for future TLE updates. The new file location is directed to the company Web site and while I have pointed it as suggested for now, I’ll eventually point it back to an AMSAT repository as that seems a better long-term solution.

The accompanying firmware update (v5.312) incorporated a few new features as described in the changelog:

  • 6/21/2021 FW Ver. 5.312
  • Make the default TLE source.
  • Added more checking for bad TLE files.
  • Disable PL when choosing transponder.
  • Improved colors for iPhone, iPad devices
  • Fixed marking QTH on world map.
  • Added CW-R radio mode choice.
  • Fixed saving TLE url. Use:

This device is simply brilliant and CSN Technologies is top-hole. If you’re looking for a radio and rotor controller solution for your shack I can’t recommend this one highly enough. You can find out more about the many features of the S.A.T. including how to obtain one from this link.