A discussion last week on the TX-500 groups mailing list resulted in a suggestion for a hard case for the transceiver. It looked like a pretty good solution and at sixteen bucks from Amazon I thought it worth ordering. That case showed up here today and at first glance it seems pretty nifty.

It fits the TX-500 like it was made for it though there’s no room for anything else inside which leads me to begin looking for yet another case for additional accessories. I’ve found multiple small packages to be a better arrangement for me.

I could just plop everything into a five gallon plastic bucket and carry that to the field except that it’s difficult to notice something missing among a tangle of bits and bobs while it’s much easier to note when the stuff that’s intended to get to the field is better organized in smaller chunks.

In addition to cables, connectors, tuners, antennas, batteries, pencils, etc. is the need for a key. When I was using the TX-500 on the patio last weekend I carried my treasured Begali Sculpture paddles and straight key - and those will never ever go into the actual “field”. I need to purchase new paddles that make more sense to bang around in the back of the Jeep - perhaps something like this.

Anatomy of a Field Radio Kit

Veteran field radio enthusiast Tom, K4SWL recently shared his experience assembling a field radio kit that I found invaluable (the first of a multi-part series). My guess is that it will become an important long-term reference for portable work. It’s well worth a look if you’re interested in optimizing or tricking out the gear used for your own portable radio adventures.