Launch Failure: The first-ever test flight of the Firefly Aerospace Alpha rocket experienced an anomaly more than two-minutes in its launch resulting in an early termination of the mission. The 203 pounds (92 kilograms) of payload included a collection of memorabilia submitted by schools and other educational institutions, as well as a number of tiny satellites. The digital GENESIS satellites with amateur radio capabilites were also lost in the failure.

Network in the Ham Shack: With a growing collection of SDRs and associated hardware, I’ve been noodling over an optimized local network design isolated from the home Internet network. While I know how to setup that kind of network for computers it seemed to me there should be copious details on how-to best do that in a rich RF environment like the ham shack. My quick search revealed no results. If there was an article on the subject in QST I missed it. I even asked the “crowd” on Twitter. I’m looking for detailed information and a bill of materials for network hardware (switches, routers, USB hubs, etc.) and preferred cables (USB and Ethernet) for a robust ham radio network. Got the scoop? Contact me.

Around the Horn:

  • When Tropical Storm Ida made it's way into the northeast it created some havoc for Larry, W2LJ and his family. Thankfully, all are okay.
  • On Saturday, Sept. 11, dozens of Ohio amateur radio clubs and individuals will head to a nearby Ohio State Park to participate in the annual Ohio State Parks on the Air operating event.