The Chameleon Modular Portable Antenna System (MPAS) Lite finally arrived after having been backordered about a month. Its claim to fame is as a little brother to the MPAS 2.0 that the manufacturer claims is “the most popular modular portable HF antenna system in the world”.

The MPAS Lite Antenna System is an extremely well-made bit of military-grade hardware. Although the system can be installed in different configurations, my interest was in using it in the field as a ground mounted vertical. Rugged construction with quick setup and tear-down was my criteria and the MPAS Lite meets that with room to spare.

I ordered it mostly due to this video from Tom, K4SWL who uses it often during his many POTA operations.

The winter weather here is showing the normal swings of February in Central Indiana. My mom used to call this “pneumonia weather” because of the tendency for it to be 65F one day and 10F the next.

Still, it looks like the new antenna might see a little action before the end of the month. I’ll pair it with the KX3 for its first outing which reminds me I still need to purchase an annual State Park pass for 2022.

Look for a follow-up as the pneumonia weather permits.