With three quarters of the year now in the rear view mirror I took another dive into my DXCC numbers to see where I stand.

The 3rd quarter was another good one with improving band conditions and plenty of time to chase DX. My overall count now stands at 135 worked with 127 128 confirmed. I qualified for DXCC Mixed during the previous quarter and managed to pick up DXCC Digital in this latest quarter. I’m close enough to DXCC CW that I’m reasonably confident in securing it too by the end of the year.

That’s despite considerable headwinds to achieving the CW award that comes mostly from low confirmation rates for that activity. From my own log digital contacts are confirmed 91% of the time via LoTW, while CW confirmations lag at under 60%. That’s less of a complaint than an excuse on my part given it was my choice to approach this using LoTW only. But that means I have to work a third again as many via CW as I do via digital to get anywhere and there is simply less CW activity on the bands.

Despite this my confidence in securing DXCC CW is due to entering a season of increased DX contest activity along with a noticeable uptick in planned DXpedition activity in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Plus, the current solar cycle has continued to improve. I’ve been feasting on 15 and 12 meters of late and should that continue then I really like my chances at success.

Overall I’m pleased with these results especially given the modesty of my station, 100 watts and a vertical. I hope to see improvements next year with the addition of an amplifier and upgraded antenna options.

I just need to finish the year strong.