It’s a balmy 37F as I write this on Thursday morning, but we’re in the path of an oncoming winter storm. The forecast calls for rain to become ice as the temperature rapidly drops below zero then we can expect 2-4 inches of snow with wind gusts to 50mph. Wind chills as low as 35 below zero will cause frostbite and hypothermia even if outside for only a short time.

The potential for that to go from bad to worse is that the gusting winds are likely to take down some power lines and below zero temps are a lot tougher to survive without power. If it were simply a matter of staying in the house for the next 36 hours this would be no problem. We have supplies. The lack of an alternate source for home heat during a power outage is a calculated risk.

The other problem being that this storm will take place while folks are still rushing around trying to finish their Christmas shopping or trying to travel to be with family for the holidays. It may not be the perfect storm but the next 36 hours are going to be a special kind of ugly.