A nice little ditty from the Smithsonian Magazine that includes a bit about Morse code, Steve Galchutt, WG0AT, and tradition. Yeah. Remember tradition?

Looking to Ditch Twitter? Morse Code Is Back

Reviving a 200-year-old system, enthusiasts are putting the digit back in digital communication

Worldwide, Galchutt is one of fewer than three million amateur radio operators, called “hams,” who have government-issued licenses allowing them to transmit radio signals on specifically allocated frequencies. While most hams have moved on to more advanced communications modes, like digital messages, a hard-core group is sticking with Morse code, a telecommunications language that dates back to the early 1800s—and that offers a distinct pleasure and even relief to modern devotees.

The only sad thing in that article is the public notation that the ARRL was formerly the American Radio Relay League. An obsequious nod to some overpaid, boneheaded consultant who suggested the name from a bygone era was what was keeping young people from joining the hobby. Sigh.