Moving Forward

With the WordPress installation now complete and tested on my server, it comes time to move from the previous CMS to the new. As previously noted, I’m a former WordPress user so this isn’t really new, but I have been using Jekyll to manage my blog content for the last several years. Since development on that system has stopped, I decided the best move for now, and probably for the duration of my days as a blogger, was to return to WordPress.

I’m going to make this a clean break which means more than 300 previous blog posts will be stranded in the older system. One of the charms of Jekyll was that it created simple HTML files and those will be maintained where they have always been. There is no loss of data or change in filenames, etc. This seemed the most workable and convenient option available. Importing those posts to the new system would have broken things in numerous ways and in the end I decided against it.

There is one hiccup. The RSS feed address has changed. If you follow my blog via RSS or syndicate my feed in your sidebar, you will have to change the address used to continue doing that. I’ll keep pointing that out for the first week or two in the futile hope that I won’t lose some readers.

The new RSS feed address is:

There will no doubt be many tweaks and adjustments over the coming weeks as I settle into the new look and feel of a WordPress theme. You may find it a bit spartan for a season but that’s okay by me. Since WP supports reader comments, feel free to comment early and often and join discussions on posts. I excluded that functionality while using Jekyll because handling spam was more difficult. Hopefully this feature will work well and provide some benefit.

Ready for launch. Ad astra, carpe diem, caveat emptor, and rock on!

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