Thanks for visiting my blog, a collection of observations and opinions related to my hobby and other matters of life. With nothing to sell, no brand to promote, and without need for anyone else to help fund this site, the topics presented here need only meet my approval.

In case you’re curious, KE9V is my amateur radio call sign that also serves as a short and unique domain name. Licensed continuously since 1977 (ex WD9GCT, N9AVG), I’ve explored and enjoyed many of the unique facets of radio afforded by this hobby, from spark to space!

Born in 1959, my start in ham radio came in the usual way, via shortwave listening. I’ve held every class of amateur license available to me from Novice to Extra. In 1978 I married my wife Brenda and we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2018. We have four children and five grandchildren.

I live near Muncie, Indiana (EN70) an incorporated city and the seat of Delaware County located in East Central Indiana about 50 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

Hopefully we will resume meeting at hamfests and radio conventions the way we did not so long ago. This new world of virtual events may be better than nothing, but it’s a pitiful substitute for life in the real world. If we ever get back to that real world, I hope to see you at Dayton, a DX convention, or perhaps some local hamfest.

73 de Jeff KE9V