2021 Post Archive

  1. Auld Lang Syne: Good riddance 2021.
  2. Forest Service Fees: Should hams pay maintenance fees and utilities for repeaters installed on public lands?
  3. Jim Stafford, W4QO SK: Jim Stafford, W4QO has become a Silent Key.
  4. Odd Lots: Odds and ends from all over Hamlandia.
  5. Navigating the Interstices: Keeping busy between Christmas and New Years...
  6. Merry Christmas: Merry Christmas to All!
  7. VA3MW 10 GHz Station Build: VA3MW put together this short video about his new 10 GHz station.
  8. Radio Active: With the end of the year coming up fast I've spent some time reviewing the station log for 2021.
  9. CAMSAT's XW-3 Launch Update: CAMSAT XW-3 (CAS-9) Satellite launch update.
  10. CAMSAT's XW-3 (CAS-9) Satellite: CAMSAT XW-3 (CAS-9) Satellite to Launch December 25th.
  11. High Hopes: I’ve got high-hopes for microwaving in the New Year.
  12. Celebrating the Transatlantic Tests: Syncronization of the front covers of both the ARRL and RSGB monthly publications for December.
  13. 2N2222 Power Challenge: Announcing - the FDIM2022 2N2222 POWER CHALLENGE!
  14. ICOM SHF Project: ICOM to develop new amateur radio equipment available for use in the 2.4GHz and 5.6GHz bands.
  15. Simplex Ceramic Blue: Begali offers a new key with a custom finish.
  16. Who Knows?: With year-end being just around the corner I’ve been trying to think of a smart way to archive posts annually.
  17. Infamy: 80 years ago to the day Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor.
  18. Last Spartan Sprint: Tonight is the final Spartan Sprint of 2021.
  19. New ICOM Time Application: ST-4003W is Windows software which allows you to set the radio's time from your PC's time by connecting the radio to the PC.
  20. AMSAT Plans for New Year: AMSAT is in the market for an FM satellite and a ride.
  21. Whimsy: Catching up after the Thanksgiving holiday.
  22. Most Viewed Posts: Just a few of the most viewed posts so far in 2021.
  23. Thinking Local: Ordering a turkey online for Thanksgiving dinner comes with all kinds of risks...
  24. Fish in a Barrel: Anything more than that and it’s just shooting fish in a barrel.
  25. Return to Real: It seems the Dayton Hamvention will happen in 2022.
  26. Lazy Sunday: Enjoying a cold, rainy, lazy Sunday from the warm and dry side of the window.
  27. Future of Amateur Radio: The IARU Region 1 Workshop on the Future of Amateur Radio yielded BIG goals seen as essential for future growth.
  28. Transatlantic Tests Celebration: Over the course of the next few weeks ham radio enthusiasts will be hearing a lot about the Transatlantic Tests.
  29. December QST Delayed: Pesky supply chain issues, including a paper shortage are delaying delivery of QST magazine.
  30. DJ4ZC New DARC Honorary Member: Prof. Dr. Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC, has been appointed as the new DARC honorary member.
  31. TO9W Low Bands Activation: Preparations are underway for a low bands activation of Saint Martin in December.
  32. Overworked Elves: My own best guess on when my K4 will arrive?
  33. Veterans Day 2021: Honoring all who served.
  34. Crozet Island: INDEXA is pleased to announce that we are supporting the CROZET DXpedition being planned for December 2022-March 2023.
  35. SS-40 Digital Transceiver: The SS-40 Digital Transceiver project is a high-performance transceiver built for 40 meters.
  36. Midwest Microwave: 10 GHz activity in the Midwest has taken a big step forward.
  37. YASME Grant and Excellence Award: TASME Foundation issues grant and Excellence Award.
  38. Results of Artemis II Proposal: The AREx team learned a great deal in the development of the proposal and were able to significantly refine our lunar payload design concept.
  39. News from Elecraft: Elecraft announced that it’s the end of the line for the KPA100.
  40. The End is Near: This month brings with it a lot of ham radio action.
  41. Digging in the Log: The higher HF bands were downright stingy over the course of Cycle 24, especially to a guy with a hundred watts and a dipole.
  42. CQ WW SSB this Weekend: It’s the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world.
  43. Bouvet 3Y0J Expedition Milestone: We have reached our first payment milestone for the Marama vessel contract.
  44. EA4GPZ Receives G3AAJ Trophy: Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ (M0HXM) was awarded the G3AAJ Trophy at the recently concluded 2021 AMSAT UK Colloquium.
  45. Results for 2021 TAPR BoD Election: The election has closed and the results are now available.
  46. AMSAT-UK Online Colloquium: The AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium will be held as an online Zoom Webinar on Sunday the 24th October 2021.
  47. Sales of TX-500 Suspended: According to sources, retail sales of the TX-500 transceiver from the factory are currently suspended.
  48. Heathkit a Guide to the Amateur Radio Products: 3rd Edition of the ultimate book about every Heathkit product ever offered for amateur radio.
  49. Fall Happens: With the nights getting longer conditions on 160 meters are slowly improving.
  50. W6SFM Bug Roundup Reminder: I own a beautifully restored Vibroplex Standard Original bug circa 1962 and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’ve yet to master it.
  51. 16th Annual ARRL Auction Ends: The 16th Annual ARRL Online Auction ended last night and I see that I won a couple items.
  52. ARRL Contest Update Gets New Editor: The ARRL Contest Update has a new editor. Paul, N1SFE has taken the reins of the publication from Brian, N9ADG after a long and successful run.
  53. Back of the Line: I’m at the back of a long line waiting for an Elecraft K4 transceiver. Then suddenly, the line begins to move…
  54. California Bans Gas-Powered Generators: California will ban gasoline powered generators by January 2024, or as soon as regulators determine is "feasible".
  55. Rich Arland, K7SZ SK: Rich Arland, K7SZ, a standout in the QRP community passed away unexpectedly last week.
  56. The Story of UoSAT-1: Ingenuity, teamwork and lots of favours!
  57. TX-500 After-Market Grows: Another vendor of TX-500 accessories enters the fray.
  58. Breaking Up With the Internet: It was long past time to terminate my social media accounts.
  59. No One Goes Alone: New creepy ghost tale from NYT Best Selling Author Erik Larson.
  60. Tenth Month: Videos from the homestead by Dale Calder.
  61. Ominous Valve Works: That's so good I wish I had written it...
  62. Tom Clark, K3IO SK: Tom Clark, K3IO becomes a Silent Key.
  63. RL Varney, G5RV: Letter to the editor of QST magazine in 1941 written by RL Varney, G5RV.
  64. Never Say Die: Wayne Green, W2NSD passed away in September 2013.
  65. It is Time: Fall has arrived.
  66. Alban Elfed: The name for the festival of the Autumn Equinox in Druidry is Alban Elfed, which means 'The Light of the Water'.
  67. Geochron Digital Update: A new ham radio premium layer for the Digital 4K Geochron is available.
  68. Good Luck: Looking for a little luck from a four-leaf clover.
  69. Oris Brandt Comes Home: Seaman Oris Brandt killed at Pearl Harbor is finally laid to rest in his hometown.
  70. Findlay Hamfest: Return to the Findlay Hamfest.
  71. Yard Work and Radio: Spent the afternoon in the backyard working chores and POTA.
  72. Another TX-500 Firmware Update: Another new firmware update for the Lab599 TX-500 transceiver.
  73. TX-500 Firmware Update: A new firmware update for the Lab599 TX-500 transceiver.
  74. Scrambled Eggs: Week ending random assortment of news, info and other items of interest.
  75. ARRL Board Firing Blanks: My undying (ARRL) support doesn’t mean the Board is incapable of making bone-headed decisions on occasion.
  76. Turn the Page: However it turns out, I’m just glad to finally turn the page on the calendar to kick-off my favorite season. Happy September!
  77. AMSAT-DL New Board Elected: At the general meeting of AMSAT-DL on August 28, 2021 in Bochum, the members determined the new board for the next regular term of two years.
  78. The Pluto+ SDR: A software-defined radio platform covering 70MHz thru 6GHz while supporting 2TX 2RX, Gigabit Ethernet and MicroSD card.
  79. CQ-DATV Ending Long Run: CQ-DATV magazine ending eith year run.
  80. Hello Findlay!: Change in plans puts Findlay Hamfest back on my radar.
  81. AMSAT-DL Satellite Symposium: Program line-up for the AMSAT-DL satellite symposium conducted in Bochum on Saturday, August 28, 2021.
  82. Taking a Pass on W9DXCC: Cancelling plans to attend W9DXCC in the Chicago-land area next month due to Covid.
  83. QRP-L Under New Management: The QRP-L mailing list is under new management following the passing of long-time admin AD6CW.
  84. G-QRP Convention Update: Register for the annual G-QRP Convention that will take place September 4-5 online again this year.
  85. Pause for the Cause: Re-thinking planned Fall travel due to Covid. New CW paddles for the field and Brenda bought me a nice little camp table.
  86. Travel Case for the TX-500: A protective case for the TX-500 arrives and I need a few other field accessories.
  87. Worth the Wait: Weekend wrap up with the TX-500 - it was worth the wait.
  88. Maiden Voyage: On the air for the first time with the Discovery 599 TX-500 transceiver.
  89. Weekend Update: Ham Expo is the BIG weekend news, but I'm passing it up to play with some new gear.
  90. Dog Days: Taking a short break from daily blogging. Be back soon.
  91. Slapping Brass and Slurping Joe: Making early morning CW and hot coffee in the field.
  92. Lab599 TX-500: I’ve been as curious as anyone about the Lab599 TX-500 ultra compact all-mode 10W HF/50MHz SDR QRP transceiver.
  93. Portable Mast Support: Handy drive-on mount to support a small push-up mast in the field.
  94. Dodecanese: I first heard G2JL about six months ago but he didn’t hear me when I called then. That led me to look-up his QRZ bio page that was interesting and entertaining.
  95. AMSAT Space Symposium: AMSAT has announced that their 39th Annual Space Symposium will take place (in real life).
  96. In Search of...: Search tools to assist in navigating the site.
  97. Penntek TR-25 Transceiver: Firmware update for the TR-25 fixes a problem with the internal keyer.
  98. Newsboat | a text mode RSS reader: Text mode RSS news reader.
  99. Out of the Noise Floor: Mixed bag of links and info.
  100. Running Out the Clock: Listing a few events still to come in 2021.
  101. Bit Farming in Barren Land: More to see in the world of digital/packet radio.
  102. Tossed Salad: Another collection of interesting links.
  103. Desktop Refresh: Updating the computing equipment to meet the needs of my current interests.
  104. Neeva | privacy and ad-free search: Yet another new search engine - with a subscription fee.
  105. TAPR Digital Communications Conference: Announcing the annual TAPR conference.
  106. AMSAT Board of Directors: This election was over as soon as it began.
  107. Libera.Chat: New IRC server replaces FreeNode.
  108. One Hundred: Centennial celebration. 100th post in 2021.
  109. RadioMirror: Message broadcast tool for digital/packet radio.
  110. S.A.T. Update: The suggested fix was a firmware update and change to the file location for future TLE updates.
  111. VE9SKCC: How about a Canadian version of K3Y that allows SKCC members to chase VE9SKCC/# across Canada?
  112. Field Day Results: Field Day was a total bust for me.
  113. 2020 DX Marathon: Clearly, the DX Marathon is an incredibly popular ham radio activity.
  114. Brave Search: Brave Search is available in beta release globally on all Brave browsers.
  115. Negative, Ghost Rider: That was a big oh-oh moment that led me to take a Covid test.
  116. Orbital SSTV Event: The ARISS team will be transmitting SSTV images continuously from June 21 until June 26.
  117. Dark Age of HF: I remain convinced we’re in some new era of solar decline that has yet to be named. It’s not a Maunder, but it’s not normal either.
  118. Right Feels Good: Those vanity cards sometimes filled with text, but flashed by too quickly on the screen with the credits at the end to read them.
  119. Other Arrangements: There was always considerable risk that the 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet in 2023 would be called off.
  120. Long Live Field Day: As for me, I’ll participate the same way I have for decades. I’ll be in the backyard using batteries and QRP equipment with temporary wire antennas attempting to put 100 CW contacts in the log.
  121. Bitcoin EME: Radio amateurs from Brazil sent bitcoin thanks to the moon.
  122. Ghost of DeSoto: The school library had one book, CALLING CQ, that was written by Clinton B. DeSoto and published in 1941.
  123. CQ Greenland: OX3LX operating from various locations on Greenland’s southwest coast including IOTA NA018, NA220, and NA151 now thru July 10.
  124. ISS Repeater Status for Field Day: ISS repeater remaining on until after Field Day.
  125. Back to the Future: My fascination with certain old mechanical things led to the acquisition of another typewriter.
  126. Finally Friday: The unseasonably cool weather seems to have surrendered to a tropical invasion.
  127. Long Distance: No one even refers to “long distance” anymore as that no longer exists.
  128. WA3RNC CW Transceiver Kit: It’s a dual-band (40/20) five-watt CW transceiver in an attractive format.
  129. You've Got Mail?: Starting on June 29, all applications filed with the FCC must include an email address for FCC correspondence.
  130. About Last Night: The Hoot Owl Sprint took place Sunday evening. No matter, I skipped it as another more urgent matter required my full attention.
  131. Ham Radio in Real Life: Notable because it was the first in-person ham radio event I’ve attended since the pandemic shutdown last year.
  132. Giddy Up!: With the virus continuing to improve it seems several local ham radio events might actually take place - and not via Zoom!
  133. Lynn Lamb, W4NL, SK: ARRL Life Member Lynn Lamb, W4NL, of Maryville, Tennessee, died on May 10 following a lengthy illness.
  134. Ei2iP Satellite Ground Station: This is almost identical to my own setup though I keep futzing around with the station layout.
  135. Saving the Radome: Great story with a happy ending thanks to the folks at ARDC.
  136. PSAT2 Comes Alive: PSAT2 appears to be operating normally after awakening on 26 April from a 9 month sleep.
  137. Backyard to the Rescue: I had hoped to slip into the backyard this evening to participate in the monthly Spartan Sprint.
  138. A Third Gone: Hard to believe that a third of this year has expired so quickly.
  139. ARISS-USA Volunteer Search: Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, Inc. (ARISS-USA) is seeking volunteers to support our mission.
  140. 2021 Contest University: Click above to register for the day-long 2021 Contest University that would have taken place during Hamvention weekend.
  141. Visalia Registration Open: Due to the virus, the event will be conducted online via Zoom.
  142. By Any Other Name: At the risk of dragging this out any further, the story about the FCC warnings to hams deserves a proper ending.
  143. WRTC Postponed: The pandemic related cancellations continue to pile-up…
  144. More Speculation: I don’t know, but I’m reasonably confident the FCC doesn’t do “random”.
  145. Another FCC Warning: It’s difficult to imagine the FCC issuing an advisory to amateur and personal radio users a 2nd time without some reason.
  146. AMSAT News Service: This is unpaid, volunteer work - it’s someone’s “job” but there’s no pay-day reward for these or any other AMSAT volunteers.
  147. OzarkCon 2021: I even won a prize and it’s already on my desk!
  148. Eclectic Tech - AM: I find it interesting that what used to be a primary mode of communication in our hobby is now considered an eclectic mode.
  149. CAMSAT CAS-9: CAS-9 also named Hope-3 (XW-3) carries a VHF uplink and UHF downlink linear transponder with a bandwidth of 30kHz.
  150. ARISS Moves On: Nice to hear that ARISS has finally taken flight and has become its own non-profit organization.
  151. Fully Vaccinated: I received the 2nd (Moderna) VAX jab this morning and am now considered fully vaccinated.
  152. NCDXF Grant for 3Y0J: The Northern California DX Foundation is pleased to announce it will be the Lead Sponsor ($100,000) to the Intrepid DX Group’s 3YØJ Bouvet Island DXpedition.
  153. 3Y0J Bouvet Island: Donate early, donate often. Stay tuned.
  154. Maybe I'm Amazed Too: And this is a thing you can just buy. It’s not some secret NSA gadget.
  155. EA4GPZ Gets Forked: EA4GPZ shares some news about Othernet.
  156. 2021 SP DX Contest: This is the biggest operating event of the year in Poland with typically over 1000 SP stations on the air on both CW and SSB.
  157. Digging Holes: The cedar fencing finally arrived!
  158. New QRP Transceiver: It’s a a 4-band 5-watt CW transceiver covering the 80-75, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands.
  159. Cult of FT8: The new digerati of amateur radio are thin-skinned and offend easily.
  160. Scrambled Eggs: Mixed bag of links, etc.
  161. W9DXCC: See you in person, in Chicago, in September at W9DXCC.
  162. SKCCLogger Hint: Ron explains how he creates multiple files for his SKCC work.
  163. Future of the Hilltopper: The latest run of the Hilltopper has sold out and may be discontinued.
  164. Happy SPRAT Day!: The Spring 2021 edition of SPRAT the journal of the GQRP Club was hand delivered by the mailman today.
  165. Impact: It seems there were a few technical difficulties for some attendees of Ham Expo...
  166. No Complaints: Brenda and I got our first dose of the vaccination without any adverse reactions a few days ago.
  167. New Mac APRS Client: W8WJB is looking for Mac users to help test his new APRS application.
  168. Monitoring the Situation: The monitor selected, an Acer Nitro VG270 75Hz 27-inch display underwhelmed when paired with the new Mac mini.
  169. Ramble On: I went looking online for KY6R yesterday only to discover that he’s gone.
  170. Rumors of Spring: The last two weeks it’s been dry and sunny with high temps in the 40’s. Next week the mercury is set to climb even higher into the 60’s.
  171. 110 Years in My Pocket: I purchased a working 1911 Hampden Railroad Pocket Watch from a west coast antique dealer.
  172. Dumb Questions: permit me to play the role of curmudgeon for a moment and toss a little shade on the notion that all questions are equal and worthy to be answered in a congenial manner…
  173. ARRL Learning Network: ARRL membership benefits are set to expand again next month when a series of members-only, online training webinars becomes available.
  174. Housekeeping: Just a few site updates and explanation.
  175. Purgatory: I was ordered to serve 12 hours in Twitter purgatory today for a tweet that violated its terms.
  176. OzarkCon: Plans are set for Virtual OzarkCon 2021 that will take place on Saturday April 10th.
  177. Wilderness Sierra: Besides, if it takes three months or a year, does it matter?
  178. Morse On a Red Planet: The NASA Perseverance team included a hidden message on the space frame that landed on Mars this week.
  179. WWII Amateur Radio Films: Readers with an Amazon Prime Video account may be interested in this free viewing from a bygone era of amateur radio.
  180. Sixty-Two: Another quick trip around the sun and I’ve turned 62.
  181. Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati: (When all else fails, play dead)
  182. No Pot of Gold: There’s no pot of gold at the peak of the Cycle 25 rainbow.
  183. RTTY Rag Chew: I’m curious if anyone uses RTTY for normal QSOs or has it become exclusively a much loved, but antique radio contest only mode?
  184. DX Marathon ADIF Converter Updated: Version 21.1 of the ADIF to CQ DX Marathon conversion program has been released by Jim Reisert, AD1C.
  185. Heavy Duty Push-Up Masts: Announcing Max-Gain Systems, Inc.’s line of heavy duty (1/8 inch thick wall on all tubes.
  186. Station Logging: When the FCC announced that logging was no longer a requirement, I took them seriously and ended the practice altogether.
  187. Long Island CW Club: I’ve heard so many good things about the Long Island CW Club.
  188. SKCC Growth: Straight Key Century Club membership is approaching 24,000 worldwide.
  189. Party Time: Punxsutawney Phil had nothing good to share with those weary of winter.
  190. Coming of the Law: The "coming of the law” has hit the hobby drone space.
  191. Straight Keys: The real charm in using a straight key for me is that it forces me to slow down.
  192. Arctic Outpost Radio: Streaming music from a better era.
  193. Melting Snow: The big snowstorm fizzled a bit.
  194. No Particular Place to Go: There’s nothing wrong with devouring a good magazine with a hot Cup of Joe while snow falls on the other side of the window.
  195. Dad's Jab: Dad is 94 years-old and a World War II veteran. I took him for his vaccination.
  196. Myth and Legends: The mythical and highly desired KX4 might remain a myth…
  197. Liquidation: this post deleted
  198. Simple Things:
  199. The Public Face of Amateur Radio: Ham radio can also be a valuable tool for organizing militias, extremist groups, insurrectionists, terrorists, and an endless host of nefarious organizations.
  200. Disturbia: I don’t recall anything like this in my forty-plus years in the hobby.
  201. Getting Ahead of Ourselves: It seems the planet has started spinning much faster.
  202. Yippee-Ki-Yay: There’s a persistent rumor that ham radio may have played some part in the storming of the United States Capitol.
  203. Seventy More Wake-Ups: So far, 2021 has been a carbon copy of 2020, maybe a little worse.
  204. Handy Tilt Stand:
  205. Controlling the Shack: It’s a wonderfully smart little interface that can tune my transceiver as well as drive my azimuth and elevation rotors.
  206. Thirty-Five Bucks: The FCC has decided that $35 for dealing with each license in the amateur radio service should cover their costs.
  207. Gently Disturbing the Aether: Contemplating the simple life following another reading of Thoreau's Walden.