I’ve purchased more audio books this year than those in readable formats. I’m spending more time commuting than usual which could explain it though Audible has really stepped up their game - making popular new titles available in audio much more quickly than in days gone by.

Latest in my library is the thriller Camino Island by John Grisham. (Check its reviews on GoodReads).

But I’m not listening to this one in the car, I’m listening to it at home with my wife. We’ve enjoyed several books together this way and found it an enjoyable experience and we look forward to sitting down in the evening and spending an hour or two with the book.

It sure beats an hour of changing the channels looking for something decent on television.

It’s facilitated nicely by our Amazon Echo. When we’re ready to listen we just say, “Alexa, read the book” and we’re transported to wherever we left off and right back into the story. When we reach a stopping point we tell Alexa to “stop”.

Sometimes I like living in the future.