Jeff Davis, KE9V

Hello and welcome to my home on the Web. My name is Jeff Davis and KE9V is my amateur radio call sign that also serves as a short, unique domain name. Licensed since 1977, I've enjoyed exploring many facets of amateur radio from spark to space.

I'm active on 80 thru 6 meters most weekends, usually CW, though I have also been using RTTY and phone to chase the W1AW portables in the Centennial QSO Party. My current station is very modest - an IC-7100 with a ladder-line fed dipole at 30 feet. One hundred watts and some wire.

I'm a member of the Straight Key Century Club (3383T), the largest group of radio telegraphers on the planet using mechanical keys. Look for me in the once a month weekend sprint (WES), and hanging out around the the club watering hole frequencies. Want a straight key sked? Look for me here.

I use Logbook of the World and all contacts are uploaded daily. If you want a card, send me one. No SASE required, however, I only process cards a few times a year so expect a long wait for a paper card. Please, consider using LoTW. Sorry, I don't use any other electronic QSL service.

I'm active on D-STAR most week nights. Look for me on REF 30C, 10C, and 12A.

I live in East Central Indiana [EN70he] in the United States. I'm a life member of the ARRL and am also a member of AMSAT, NCDXF, QCWA, TAPR, and the PAPA System - Southern California's Premier Repeater System.