Jeff Davis, KE9V

Hello and welcome to my home on the Web. My name is Jeff Davis and KE9V is my amateur radio call sign that also serves as a short, unique domain name. Licensed since 1977, I've enjoyed exploring many facets of amateur radio from spark to space.

I'm a life member of the ARRL and am also a member of AMSAT, NCDXF, QCWA, TAPR, and the PAPA System - Southern California's Premier Repeater System.

Calling CQ - a personal letter for amateur radio enthusiasts that's delivered via email about once each week written by yours truly. Gluten free. Fat free. Free-free.

Perturbation - my personal Web log that covers my interests in amateur radio and a whole lot more.

I've recently started using ClubLog. Eventually, I'll travel back in time and begin filling it in from handwritten logs and other electronic formats.

Have a look and see if you're in the log...