Andrew Sullivan

More Time Passages

Andrew Sullivan decided to quit blogging this week. He had been at it daily for fifteen years and had become the gold standard for professional bloggers. His site, The Dish had grown to a million dollars revenue on 30,000 paid… Read More ›


The Long Way Around

This weekend I’ve been able to spend a few hours chasing stations in the SKCC K3Y Celebration. I’m doing okay considering I’ve only had one other day this month to operate. Africa, Europe, North America. Nothing yet in OC, AS,… Read More ›


Tipping Point

One of the charms of blogging is that any­one with a plat­form for vent­ing is sub­ject to the temp­ta­tion to vent about things that are at best, ephemer­al. It hasn’t gone without notice that in the ham blogosphere the most… Read More ›

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