Hello and welcome to my home on the Web. KE9V is my amateur radio call sign that also serves as a short, unique domain name. I'm a radio telegrapher, shortwave wireless operator, ham radio evangelist, romancer of the aether, and practitioner of many dark arts.

If your visit here was prompted because we recently worked on the air, thanks much for sharing your time with me. I use LoTW for confirmation of all radio contacts and our QSO will be uploaded shortly.

My name is Jeff Davis and I'm lifelong ham radio and tech enthusiast. I live in Muncie, Indiana [EN70he] in the United States. Licensed since 1977, I've enjoyed exploring many facets of amateur radio from spark to space. A life member of the ARRL, I'm also a member of NCDXF, QCWA, SKCC, and the PAPA System - Southern California's Premier Repeater System.