Given that many competing vendors show up for Hamvention, there’s a constant churn of people moving from one dealer to the other to find out the price on one or more items in an effort to get the lowest possible price. That’s certainly sensible but it creates long lines of people only interested in learning the price of the latest Nimbus 2000.

These long queues could be reduced considerably by the dealers displaying their price on at least the most popular equipment. I get that this might eliminate the chance for a little face time with potential customers, but patrons in this environment almost always buy on lowest price and no amount of glad-handing will change that.

At least one vendor did that last year and I thought it one of the most innovative bits of technology at the entire show.

Having a scrolling list of prices prominently displayed would move the long lines from the service counter area to the LCD area and make life easier for those trying to step up and unload some hard-earned cash. If you’re favorite dealer doesn’t do something like this, perhaps you should mention it to them – everyone benefits from this kind of improvement.