Kenwood has discontinued the TS-2000 transceiver with no immediate plans to replace it. Just like some years ago when Yaesu discontinued the FT-847 without replacing it.

These “home” station transceivers with extra features for satellite use fell out of favor after the loss of AO-40 and were never replaced. You can’t blame the big boys for bailing on the dwindling AMSAT crowd.

But nearly two decades later it’s inexcusable that there’s only one FM handheld transceiver capable of full-duplex operation. Resilient and resourceful hobbyists with a desire to touch the edge of space from their backyard have worked up all manner of duct-tape and workarounds to make it so.

But they deserve much better. Look at it this way, if they go away because of the lack of readiliy available, high-quality handheld equipment, then eventually Yaesu and the others will have no one left to buy their $13,000 HF transceivers – and that’s exactly what they will deserve.