I have to work tomorrow (Saturday) so decided to stay home and enjoy a day off today. It was brutally cold, only 3F when I woke up and the mercury never made it above 20F as the day wore on, but the sun shone brightly and the sky was bright blue.

My wife and I ran some errands that consumed the morning, but this afternoon I found myself with a couple of hours in the shack and made pretty good use of it. It was an all SKCC day as I filled a few more slots and managed to finally achieve Tx7.

I worked KH6ZM in Hawaii on 15. He was running K3Y/KH6 which was one I didn’t think I would manage this time around but Max was pounding in here during a short window.

That was the highest frequency contact I’ve made lately and it’s always good to work a little DX on the 15 meter band.

An hour later I worked ZL2BLQ on 20 meters. Stan was running K3Y/OC which was yet another one I didn’t think possible during this years event.

Check another DX slot off my K3Y log.

The lesson learned is that the high bands still have a little life, even in the depths of the solar minimum. But those openings are almost never in the evenings when most of us are home from work and have a few stolen moment to disturb the aether. Carving out a few daytime operating hours is tantamount to success on HF at this point in the cycle.

Among a dozen other random SKCC contacts I managed to gather enough unique T’s and S’s to qualify for the Tx7 award. Fifty more uniques and then it should get a little easier on the road to Senator level.

Finally, one of those “random” contacts was with Bill, WB4DBO who just happens to be the Brag Bonus station this month. I’ll never top the Brag list but at least this month I’ll make a respectable showing - plus the bonus!