Field Day Plans

This weekend, amateur radio celebrates its flexibility in portability when it takes to the field for a weekend orgy of RF and picnic food. I do hope you join up with some of your friends, whether it’s an organized club event or an ad hoc gathering with a buddy or two to enjoy the annual observance.

2014 Field Day

That’s the way Field Day was intended to be exercised and enjoyed. Some of my best radio related memories are from this popular, annual event.

But this year, I plan to cheat a little.

My work schedule will keep me out of the field this year. But I do plan to operate from home, on the mains, wearing my new FD hat, with a frosty 807 in my hand.

No mosquito swatting here! I’ll be looking for select stations to fill some needed band slots for certain states. But I’ll be thinking of you, and that potato salad that’s been setting in the sun a little too long.

By the way, if you happen to be looking for someone to pitch in with for FD, look no further than the ARRL Field Day Locator.

Good luck and have fun!

Author: Jeff Davis