Long Weekend

Hurricane Arthur has started its run up the East coast. Meanwhile, here in the Heartland, things have turned cool, dry and delightful for the holiday weekend. I’m up early because we slept with the windows open last night and some neighborhood idiot was popping off fireworks before dawn.

And that after we were kept up late by a near constant stream of firetruck sirens that I’m guessing were related to fireworks accidents, though I have a tough time calling them “accidents”. If you light an explosive device and then get hurt, that’s probably just karma. And there’s bound to be plenty of that over the next week or so.

I’ve never figured out how so many people working for minimum wage always seem capable of purchasing the $250 Jumbo 4th of July Special Pack from the “half-price” fireworks stand. And on that particular point, has anyone ever seen a “full-price” fireworks place?


This morning I’m working on a big cup of fresh brewed Yosemite Dos Sierras while listening to some light traffic on 40 meter phone.

As it has been a lot lately, the band isn’t bad, though not particularly good either this morning. S3 noise but signals are on the light side with typically bland conversations in progress.

It’s the ham radio equivalent of there being nothing good on TV.

The July edition of CQ Magazine hit my iPad sometime over the last couple of days and I’m looking forward to catching up with it. I’m hoping to snag W1AW/7 in Utah and W1AW/9 in Wisconsin this weekend as I’ve become slightly addicted to the Centennial QSO Party activity.

LoTW confirmations from Field Day have started to trickle in and there’s a growing stack of postal QSL’s that require some attention (I’m really getting behind on these).


Speaking of QSL cards, I’ve always enjoyed this one that belonged to John Frye, W9EGV – author of the popular Carl and Jerry series that appeared in the pages of Popular Electronics way back in the good old days.

Someone around here is going to have to do a little lawn work and that someone will be me. A little later we’ll put a few burgers on the grill and then head 13 miles north of here for a couple scoops of our favorite ice cream at Ivanhoes.

I’ll probably check-in on the Hurricane Net tonight to follow the progression of the storm. After that, I’ll lie in bed cursing the fireworks makers and those who buy them until I drift off to sleep.

I hope that you enjoy this long holiday weekend. Try not to blow your hand off or set your roof on fire every chance you get…

Author: Jeff Davis