Frampton Comes Alive! (again)

We saw Peter Frampton perform last night at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana.

I’ve joked that the last time I saw Frampton “live” we both had hair, which is completely true. Last time I saw him play it was 1976 and we were both longhairs, though of a different sort. That time it was in a stadium surrounded by 50,000 screaming fans. This time the setting was more intimate — surrounded by 1,600 screaming fans.

The Palladium

Then, he was 26 years young and flying high from the success of ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’ — the live, two-album set that was for ages, the top selling live album of all time. Though his recording career has never repeated that success, he brings the same raw talent, enthusiasm, and excitement to the many live shows he continues to play. And now he does it with the fine polish of a forty-year, road playing veteran.

But it’s even more than that. Frampton is one of the six or maybe seven Guitar Gods dispatched to earth to delight and amaze us. Clapton, Page, Frampton… axe crashers from the heavens.

You may think he played more the role of “pop star” than guitar hero, especially after taking on the persona of the one and only Billy Shears in the ill-fated Stigwood motion picture flop of the 70’s, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

But here’s the thing, Frampton was a rock god before he became famous and he’s even better now. He rolled effortlessly through the oldies and for two hours, we were transported back to the mid 1970’s — the only difference, I didn’t arrive at the show in my ‘72 Chevy Nova.

Peter Frampton 2014

The set included something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Guitars were rotated in and out between nearly every song and when one old acoustic came out, Frampton stopped to explain that he had stolen this one from George Harrison. “We used to hang out at George’s place all the time and I had my eye on this one long enough that George told me not to steal it. But I ‘nicked’ it when he wasn’t looking and it’s never left my side.”

When it comes to Rock and Roll, Frampton’s blood is blue and his history, legendary.

At one point he said that in every interview he gives these days he is asked if he ever gets tired of performing the old stuff. His reply is that he keeps doing them for three reasons.

“One, I wrote them and I like them. Two, I get to perform them in deliciously different ways every night with my band. And three, I see how the audience face’s still light up whenever I play the oldies and that keeps me going.”

And speaking of his band, I’m not sure you could find more talented musicians on even an endless quest. Bass player Stan Sheldon has been with Frampton since before the live album. His best friend and long-time keyboardist, Bob Mayo, died a decade ago and Frampton still acknowledged him during the show.

Frampton Comes Alive 2014

There’s simply no way to wrap this up without mentioning the venue.

The Palladium in Carmel, Indiana is the most amazing concert hall within 1000 miles of Indianapolis, maybe in the entire US. The taxpayers of Carmel will be paying for it for decades to come but it’s the sort of artsy-fartsy thing that usually pays off in the end. During the show, Frampton even joked that when he stepped on stage he thought for a moment he was playing the Royal Albert Hall in London — the comparison is worthy though the Palladium might be better.

We imbibed on tunes from the advantage of a private box that afforded us a brief moment to exchange pleasantries with the performer before the show — a surreal moment in the life of someone who came of age in the 70’s.

Before the show there was an announcement that while taking photos or video in the Palladium was strictly forbidden, the “Frampton people” had requested that fans be allowed to take still pictures. No video and no flash. Nice. But there was one fellow in the front row who continued shooting video on his phone despite having been told by those on stage several times to cut it out.

At some point, enough was enough, and Frampton grabbed the phone from the guy’s hand and heaved it at least a hundred and fifty feet behind the stage while never missing a chord.

And the show rolled on to thunderous applause…

Author: Jeff Davis


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  1. I’ve seen him several times in the last few years and while the arena called for no pics he allowed them. Security was actually trying to stop fans from taking pics and he, in the middle of his performance, asked security stop and allow the pics. Love him!!!

  2. obviously that man was never disciplined as a child — he can’t even follow simple instructions — which then ruins it for everybody …

  3. why would Frampton care if you took a picture??? like hes worried someone will sell it, how many people do you know who would want a picture of Pater Frampton????, NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

      1. Apparently you missed a few words. Read the last sentence.
        “Before the show there was an announcement that while taking photos or video in the Palladium was strictly forbidden, the “Frampton people” had requested that fans be allowed to take still pictures. No video and no flash.”
        Woops, who doesn’t know how to read now?

      2. FLASH photography and filming were not allowed – and rightly so, especially for someone in the front row. The Venue may have been Fabulous, but I am tired to have to stand up, step into an aisle just to let someone in who is 15 minutes late – even 5 minutes! Grow up, get yer arses to the event on time.
        Oh, and it’s NEVER okay ANYWHERE to take flash photography? Geeze, Dean Buffoni, have you never been to a concert or even Disneyworld?

    1. learn to read…………………the ass, probably one of your relations, was videoing the show

      1. Good one!! Frampton rocks, and is always so cordial to his audience. I see him each time he’s in New York, and never tire of him….frampton is very much alive, and well!!!!

      2. Evidence of video? Phones don’t have a “recording light” on the front. Mr. Frampton wasn’t behind the man checking his screen to be sure it wasn’t pictures. So . . . self entitled aging rocking destroyed a mans personal property. Bare minimum he should replace it and be charged for all no replaceable content on said phone.

      3. Yes many newer phones DO have a “recording light” on the front so you CAN tell if they are videoing b/c it would remain a bright white light the entire time they are videoing. While with just a picture it would flash but go away once the picture was taken. Either way they were obviously using a flash at some point, otherwise no one would have cared or noticed – whether it was a picture with flash or a video is really irrelevant.

    2. dean- read the article before you make an inane response. and though it is perfectly fine for you to not like someone, your post reads like you are an self-entitled immature person not in control of your emotions. Either that or you subscribe to the theory that the person who yells the most and the loudest is always the one who is right. Why else would you have over emphasized your statements with capital letters and multiple question marks and exclamation points? If you are looking for people who feel they way you do, look elsewhere. If you are just being a cyber-bully and have nothing better to do than troll posts- grow up. If that is you in the picture, I feel badly for the person you are kissing. No adult should have to feel as if they are dating or with a child in an adult body.

    3. Dickhead, read the article!! Photos were allowed. This guy was continuing to VIDEO the performance.!! And for what its worth, as a fan, I DEFINITELY would want a photo of the legend that is Peter Frampton!!

      1. Yes, that point has already been made multiple times. YOU need to read before u comment as well. No need to reiterate.

    4. It’s not about “the photo”; it’s about respecting the wishes of the artist. Do you complain about a club having a dress code, or a family that asks you to remove your shoes before you enter?

      The guy the cell phone was selfish and rude and is lucky his phone was the only thing tossed that night.

    5. Read the story again. He actually allowed still pictures. Nothing worse than having someone holding up a phone and videoing the whole time or using a flash over and over. So distraction and annoying for concert goers and performers alike.

    6. He’s not worried that you took a photo, they specifically asked for people to be allowed to take photos. The issue was that no flash was allowed, which this man kept using. After several intervels of Frampton asking, and then telling the man to stop it came to the phone throwing.

    7. You have a valid Q. Here is why. It is like someone is at the movies holding up a phone to take a video of the screen. The problem is that everyone behind them is distracted by the light coming from the phone screen. I have actuall had that happen on several ocassions. Even if people are making calls, the movement and light is totally distracting to everyone else who can see it, (which is everyone behind them). It all boils down to showing respect for everyone around you. They have more of a right to enjoy what they payed for without distractions, more so than one guy has the right to get a selfie. The word SELFIE speaks volumns.

    8. They were allowed to take photos, he just asked that they turn off their flash and not take video. This is mentioned in the article.

    9. Don’t be an ass. He said it’s fine to take pictures
      just no flash or video recording. Nothing wrong
      with respecting those wishes except twits like
      you who think the rules shouldn’t apply to them.
      Piss off

    10. Ok–stand in front of a mirror and flash yourself endlessly, and see if it irritates YOU. Can you be in the mood to play well with the rule you asked be respected–breaking–going on? Why do others have to do the thinking for you? Pix are ok, flash and vids are annoying to everyone–especially to whom they are AIMED at! Pfff… if you can’t think on your own, maybe you are not ready to go out in public.

      1. On a mobile phone unless the light was running the entire time, there is no way to differentiate from a video and a photo. The article clearly states that they thought it was a video, yet without a clear view of the screen side of the phone there is no way to know if it was a video, Mr. rockstar asked to see the photos and then damaged a mans property. Whether the fans actions were allowed of not Mr. Framptons actions were actually illegal and destructive.

        I will agree flash photography during a concert is annoying, disruptive and rude. However the article alleges that it was a video recording that set off mr. prissy britches, a thing that would not be verifiable from his position on the stage. So we are either to conclude that it was indeed a video and the rockstar has extrasensory abilities that allowed him to divine this, or the article was wrong and it was flash photography.

        In either instance his actions that involved destroying someones property was excessive and illegal. His actions amount to theft at a minimum, regardless of the fan being a jackass.

    11. He requested, contrary to the rules of the venue, that folks be allowed to take still photos, but no video. The concert-goer in question insisted on taking video, despite several polite requests that he stop. Please try to keep up.

      1. @ agrteknolan: Did you not read the article in its entirety? The band requested NO FLASHES, yet the guy took selfie after selfie and even had his girlfriend take pictures of him standing in front of the stage with Frampton in the background. He didn’t single out one specific act that caused his reaction. It was because the guy and his girl just wouldn’t stop and it was becoming very disruptive. Did he take the guys phone and throw it into the rafters? Yep. Should he have gone to those extremes? Maybe and maybe not. Was the trouble maker acting like a total dumbass? No doubt.

      2. Simple matter is he stole and destroyed someones property and you fanboys/fangirls are cheering him on. It may satisfy your inner desire to act in the same manner without regard to laws in some self serving “noble” effort. In the end though, he stole, a destroyed, he could have “confiscated” it and returned it later and solved to problem, but he decided to make a “show” of hurting the “rude guy”. Acting out in a tantrum like fashion is not something to be applauded.

    12. He didn’t care about a still photo, he doesn’t allow video, most performers don’t. And yes people sell them. I’m sure he doesn’t give a rip if you like him or not. Your comment shows you are an idiot.

    13. You missed the entire point of things. Frampton and his crew DID allow people to take pictures of them. It’s the FLASH they don’t want because for one, it’s a distraction for not only the band but for spectators as well, and, having a flash go off in your face over and over could cause a type of vertigo causing the band members to misstep and fall off the stage. The reasons for not wanting the show to be filmed are many not the least of which could lead to pirating music and shows as well as being a pain in the ass for other spectators. I’m sure Frampton could care less if you wan t picture of him or not. Those who come to watch the show know (or should know) the rules. It’s not like Frampton is the only one that has this set of rules.

    14. You’re wrong. Frampton and his crew told those in charge of the venue TO GO AHEAD AND ALLOW PICTURES, BUT NO FLASH AND NO VIDEO. The reason for not wanting flashes going off in your face could not only cause vertigo for some on stage (and especially Frampton) and could cause a stumble or even a fall from the stage let alone it being a pain for others watching the show. The reasons for not allowing video recording are probably many, not the least of which could lead to piracy of the show and tunes on the black market. And, I’m sure Frampton would lose many a night’s sleep over the fact that you wouldn’t want a picture of him.

    15. It’s not the picture taking, it’s the use of flash that is annoying to us when we are on stage.
      A flash distracts us. When you perform and focus with a great deal of concentration, for the benefit of the audience, the last this you need is someone who keep interrupting you with a camera flash.
      I understand Framton’s reaction. I would probably have done the same as he did.

  4. I saw Peter at the Delaware State fair in 2010 I believe.. first time seeing him live.. He was bloody fantastic. He was professional and courteous. Had a wicked sense of humor and played for a couple of hours. Would love to see him live again. One of the few performers I would actually pay money to see😉

  5. We saw Justin Hayward at the Hard Rock in Houston- same type of problem. Justin was obviously bothered by a few people in the front rows who seriously videotaped the entire thing- and then days later it ended up on You Tube. Now- one short song can be argued to be a kindness to those who cannot attend- but this was 25-30 minutes of the show in 5-6 different clips of songs. I mentioned on the Facebook link that there might be copyright issues (among other things) and the person who posted was actually pretty cocky about it. I got out of the group, since the moderator seemed to not care either.
    How can an artist earn money- seriously? This is their livelihood you are stealing with unauthorized videos, but you claim to be a “fan”.

    1. Some people will NEVER get it. Everything is about their personal glorification. The person who spent his entire life honing his craft is of little concern to these pinheads.

  6. I lov the story about Peter on the elevator with a fan he said going to see the show tonight the guy says yea time to see if hes still got it ( not realizing it was Peter he was talking to) Peter replied yea hes still got it.

  7. Was there for the first one at Winterland, Can not and will not ever forget Ello San Francisco at the beginning. My clincher was when the new double album came out at Banana Records it was selling for regular album price $4.00 I think it was. Always will be a fan of Peter.

  8. Saw him at the Tower Theater in Philly a couple years ago, when he played an anniversary concert with Yes – the anniversary of he and they playing at JFK in Philly to 100,000+. 4th row, center, this 50+’r had tears in his eyes watching true magic happen in front of him – Frampton played like he was 26. First class guy, true entertainer. Thank, you Mr. Frampton. Please come back to Lancaster – you owe us one here!

  9. We just saw Frampton in NJ a few weeks ago with the Doobies and I said the same thing. The last time I saw Frampton we both had hair. I saw him in 1976 as well (I believe) while a student at American University in Washington, DC where he played for free.
    Seeing the “hair” comment made me laugh… Thanks!

  10. Fellow (former) Cincinnati and class act. Love Peter and the band not to mention the reference to Guitar God! So try, so deliciously true.

  11. Saw Frampton twice in 5 months during his Live 35 tour couple years ago, He was fantastic, even bought the cd of the show.

  12. I love it ! Do you have any idea how many times a day a Teacher would like to do this with student’s phones?
    A modern problem.

  13. Real fans respect Peter Frampton!!! Pictures were allowed, people were asked not to use a flash or record the show. People who refuse to respect the artist on stage are jerks.

  14. We attended the Frampton concert in Carmel on Sunday evening. It was totally and absolutely stellar in every way. As an aside, we had stage box seats which provided not only an unobstructed up close view of Frampton, but also provided us with a straight line of vision at the obnoxious dude in the dead center of the front row. He and several others in Row 1 were behaving like it was their first time to score good seats at a concert. Mind you, no one in the front row was a kid, not even college age; they were well-dressed preppie types who behaved in a fashion more expected at a Willie Nelson concert. In short, don’t belly up to the stage and wave your cell phone under a Guitar God’s nose while he’s performing in a small intimate venue.

    1. Willie Nelson fans? Hardly. Miley or Jay-Z…??…maybe. But not Willie fans. We have common sense AND respect for others.

  15. I’ve known Peter for several years. You will never meet anyone who is as kind, generous and tolerant but good call, enough is enough. He always welcomes photos but respect his wishes of no video.

  16. Love Love Love Peter Frampton first saw him in 1976, amd have saw him twice in the last 4 years..he is better today than in 1976. He is so talented and funny.Love that he talks to the audience and tells us his stories…Kepp rocking!!!!!!!

  17. One of my best friends treated me (for my birthday) to see Peter Frampton at the Beacon Theatre, NYC, last year in June – turned out to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received — last time I had seen him was at Madison Square Garden (1977, or maybe ’78 – definitely during the Frampton Comes Alive era). So I didn’t know what to expect, but wow! What an amazing show! We were incredibly lucky, our seats were up in the second mezzanine, but my friend and I were approached by someone who worked with Frampton and incredibly, were offered an ‘upgrade’ to the first row! Standing under the stage, watching him play, catching his eye, and singing along to ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ = memories for a lifetime. I never once thought of trying to get a video or even a photo – because the best memories are the ones you keep in your mind. When you’re really into the show – isn’t it better to live it than to video it? Mr. Frampton had every right to take the phone away from this joker after the audience was specifically asked not to take videos. How silly.

    1. I so totally agree that it is better to keep memories in your mind, not in your phone or camera. Sounds like you had a great time up in the front row!!

  18. I saw Peter Frampton for the first time in 1979. I have seen him, probably, a couple dozen times since then. Including the recording of Frampton Comes Alive II, at the Fillmore. Every time I see him is better than the last. Fantastic performer. Get off your phones and try “Enjoying” the show. Maybe you will even like it.

  19. Great to see so many sincere expressions of admiration and appreciation for Peter Frampton, he is a consumate master of the Guitar, without being a stereotype. Having also come of age in the late 70’s I recall “comes alive” with great affection…it is just amazing that so much time has passed so quickly, it is up to us to live it well!

    1. Guitar God, Yes in deed!

      I have had the pleasure of seeing him play 3 times in my life “76” at the Boston Garden
      at which time at a quite moment I yelled “I Love you Peter!!1” and he looked up, smiled
      and wave at me and the full Garden erupted into applause!!
      A moment in time that will live with me forever!!

      Then “The Keep on Rocking” Tour with REO Speedwagon & John Cougar (Mellencamp) that implied..
      “Even now they still Rock” !! Most definately an understatement,
      Then most recently at a small stage at” Indian Ranch” in Webster Ma.
      were the guest was a member of the The Eagles!

      The thing worth mentioning that I seldom hear, is that he did release a 2nd cd since FCA called “Frampton Comes Alive II ” which was recorded in the same place in San Francisco as the original “Live ” recording… if you are a true “Frampton” fan you may already be aware of this, It was a great Cd or if you have not heard it, most definately worth a listen!

      Rock on Peter!! Still Love you!!


  20. just saw him at bethel woods in upstate new york with the doobie brothers, what an amazing event , i just regret never seeing him live before this , guitar god is not enough praise

  21. Huge Frampton fan .seen several shows. The absolute best concert I’ve ever been to in my life, tickets sold for $1.97 at the OLD WALDORF, San Fran Nov 5th 1982. (still have the stub). His final encore was “a rolling stone number, ‘Jumping Jack Flash'”. Walking out of the venue there were kids shaking their heads in disbelief saying, “Peter Frampton?”

  22. Never saw Frampton live but it’s on my bucket list love reading everyone’s blog hope to see a consert soon all you guys keep writing great things I like to read them

  23. I was lucky enough to meet Peter years ago in Biloxi at his concert, and then again in Orlando. He has got to be one of the nicest, most personable artist out there. These people taking flash photos and video taping, had to be acting deplorably,for him to react this way!

  24. I’m sure i’ll get relegated to troll status for not agreeing with the Frampton ass kissers on here, but it seems to me an odd request from a man (Frampton) who grew up in the “flash” era, to allow pictures, but not from a flash camera. Be that as it may , a request is a request, and the couple should have respected Framptons wishes, The story that brought me here went out of it’s way to paint the couple as troublesome, even throwing in a comment about how they were “talking loudly” the whole time. Oh boy, talking loudly at a rock concert. I can certainly see where that would be a problem. The control freak rock star should have called up Neil Young to get right over there and help tar and feather the “troublesome” couple right there on the spot. Bottom line is that some of these guys are just plain assholes. Frampton , Neil Young – top of the list. I love their music and i wouldn’t pay ten cents to see either of em. Assholes , period!

    1. No, you’ll just get relegated to can’t-be-bothered-to-read-the-story status: READ. IT. AGAIN!!! It’s the venue’s policy to not allow flash-photography or video. Frampton’s people asked for and were granted permission to allow fans to take non-flash still-photography. Me, Pete, an’ Neil will be comin’ fer ya with a hot bucket o’ tar and a bag o’ feathers — DERRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!

  25. Throwing a cell phone 150 feet might be a guinness world record! That’s about a 45 meter pass folks! And not missing a note! Peter never fails to amaze and glad he continues to do so! His shows seriously rock! Seen Peter many times and was lucky to meet him back in the 70’s, but never saw him do that one before!

  26. Suppose the couple hadn’t heard the announcement,huh? And was it worth it to get the bad publicityw? Even if he and the management had asked nicely I can imagine flash bulbs going of in a performers face Can disrupt one concentration, yesThe least he can do is pay for a new cell phone! How humiliating!

    1. Sounds like this isn’t bad publicity; almost everything I’ve read suggests that people support and actually applaud Frampton’s cel-throwing moment.

  27. First saw Peter Frampton with Humble Pie… then again on the Comes Alive tour. He was a big reason I became a guitarist. He also started my addiction to Les Pauls. Keep on rocking Pete!

      1. I’m not sure I see the comparison…There’s an old saying, “Vas you dere, Charlie?” Not knowing what drove Ms. Boyd away from George I don’t feel I can comment as one’s love life is one thing…but simple theft is another and I have no doubt he never admitted the theft to George. That might be one of those history ‘bits’ Mr. Frampton should want to keep to himself.

  28. “Bass player Stan Sheldon has been with Frampton since before the live album. ” ???? What about John Regan?

    1. No credibility issues, Frampton “is” in fact, in the same class as Clapton and Page among many other guitar legends. You are just another example of a person who is obviously tone deaf. For that I truly feel bad for you given the fact that you will never be able to hear an actual note “in tune”, much less know the difference between one accomplished guitar player from another.

  29. I saw him last year and was in the fifth row. When he came out, of course we all stood up. A guard told us all to sit down…even when he did the hits! This guard was telling us all to sit down! During “I’ll Give You Money” Peter noticed this happening and said, “It’s a rock and roll show, let them stand up for Christ’s sake!” and we all stood the rest of the show. I love that I have a CD of the show so I can hear him say it again and again. Love Peter Frampton!

  30. I am slightly embarrassed to say I saw the Monkees a few years ago. Hey it was nostalgia not for the music. But they encouraged both photography and video and well just about everything. I have to say though, the setting was far far different than this, and my guess it was intended as such. The flashes and lights and cameras were supposed to give the feel of the early and mid-60’s when screams and lights were important than any performance. In other words there is a time and a place. And the intimate small setting with a real artist should not be cheapened to the level of the Monkees (with due respect). Likewise I saw Garth Brooks at the Wynn in Vegas – a tiny little intimate acoustic setting. I would have been mad as H**L if someone in the front stood up and videoed the entire thing. It is not the same a stadium show. In a setting like this, just put down the I-Phone, open your ears and enjoy the show. You are in the front row for God’s sake, why watch the show through the view finder?

  31. Came across this from a link in a Yahoo article about Peter’s phone toss incident. Hah! Classic. I had the chance to see Peter Frampton several years ago at the Ventura County Fair. Open air at the SoCal coast. And it’s a county fair where your admission is free (just the cost of getting into the Fair). Most acts will do a short set because of that. But not Peter. He played for a full 2 hours! Plus an encore!

    I always respected him as a guitarist, but I never really knew how phenomenal a player he was until I saw him at that concert. Jawdroppingly amazing. He was promoting his new Fingerprints CD (which finally won him a well-deserved Grammy). He was gracious and perpetually smiling like a kid in a candy store. Definitely up there as one of the best concert performances I had ever been to.

    And, just like Neil commented above, Peter definitely helped spark my love of Les Pauls. One day I shall have my own custom LP……. one day. *sigh*

    For those of you who questioned his phone tossing, here’s a fuller explanation from the article I mentioned:

    “A couple who reportedly arrived late to the event, missing the pre-show announcement forbidding flash photography and videotaping, upset the legendary rocker as they repeatedly broke the house rules, even after being asked to stop…

    “Frampton not only gestured for the couple to stop, he also objected to the male in the party taking a selfie as he played in the background. “The male from the front row was even stupid enough to back up to the stage and get the girl to take a ‘selfie’ of him with Peter,” OnStage reports. “Peter quickly turned around and turned his back to the audience and played that way for several moments.” But still, the offenders did not get the message.”

  32. Honestly sorry to say but its people of a CERTAIN generation that has the worst etiquette with phones and its not the younger generation that most would expect. It late 30s to late 50s they are awful from a woman in church before midnight service during dark (lights turned down low) reflective period before service checking interior design ideas on her bright ass big phone to a glass sculpture museum where this generation couldn’t stop taking photos long enough to actually look up and enjoy it! At one point I couldn’t even see the art pieces without looking through their screens as they took ten-thousand pictures. Concerts are the worst and I rarely even go unless its an indie band where people aren’t trying to capture a soviner or the artist/venue specifically states no pictures. I would totally stand “still photos” for Peter Frampton though

  33. I’m so glad you walked up to the stage, smiled at the guy and asked to see his pictures. Then you tossed the jerks phone. LOL Wooh!! Priceless!! I would have gave anything to see that stupid, disrespectful man’s face. Glad you did it in front of his lady friend to. HA! LOL, Oh yeah.That must have been a moment to see. I am glad to see an like yourself artist taking bold stands for more things then just music. Your in the spot light for a great reason I am pretty sure. While you did the right thing here then I hope to see you take a stand for more important things. Maybe you can run for President. I would SOOOOO vote for you!! Sending out kind and respectful vibes to you.:)

  34. I work a lot of concert security at all different types of venues, arena’s, stadiums, outdoor festival grounds and even the smaller intimate settings like The Palladium. Kudos to Peter for taking matters into his own hands, I deal with people like this all the time that think the rules don’t apply to them. I’ve always wanted to do this myself but in the position I’m in I can’t. Even though most types of photography (and some video in certain settings) is allowed at most venue’s, the show itself makes the final call. Most venue’s (and shows) don’t allow “professional photography” at all, that would be any camera that the lens detaches from but everything else is fine. Yes I know you’re not a professional photographer but your camera is considered a professional camera (a statement I repeat a lot). In fact all the venue’s I’ve worked (and the one I’m based out of) don’t even allow them in. This is true to most around the country. Also I don’t care how much money you paid for your seat and what you think that entitles you to, the only thing it entitles you to is that seat, you still have to follow the rules. Use all the point and shoot camera’s you want.

    I’ve worked a few small intimate concerts like this, (Robert Earl Keen, Rick Springfield, Bryan Adams and a few more) and the flash is a huge distraction/annoyance when you’re on stage looking out, that’s why they request it in this type of setting. Like the one poster above said, stand in front of a mirror and snap of bunch of pictures with the flash and see what it feels like. Respect the artist’s wishes. We had one a few months ago that requested no pictures at all be taken and was told he would stop the show and call the person out if it happened. Luckily this never happened and everyone respected his wishes and everyone had a great time and it was a great show. Those are the best shows to work. Even some of the shows done at arena’s will request us to enforce “the no flash” rule in first few rows because of the distraction it causes. This happened just a couple weeks ago at the Motley Crue show, Nikki Sixx didn’t want flash photography on his side of the stage because of the distraction it causes. The media isn’t even allowed to use the flash when they are up front for the time they are allowed to take pictures.

    Rules are rules and they are placed there for your safety and everyone else’s no matter how dumb you think they are.

  35. Maybe u people can read the previous remarks so u don’t keep repeating the same point over and over and over and over again. U think videoing at concerts is annoying? Well so is reading the same comment 1000 times!

    1. If people would act properly, the point would not have to be repeated over and over and over and over again. But people, such as yourself, have no respect for anything other than themselves, other than themselves, other than themselves, other than themselves.

  36. Hmmm

    Lots of good points here.

    Let’s make it simple and put them into bullet points:

    -he was asked not to film or take flash pictures
    -Peter Frampton is who people came to see
    -If someone was causing Peter Frampton anxiety or anger as the main attraction or his band or other people who paid for tickets he should have abstained.
    -Artists of his generation made their monies mainly through album, CD and last concerts so the acceptance of social media is not the same as at a ‘Of Monsters and Men show
    – lastly we regularly attend shows in Colorado at Red Rocks Ampitheatre more and more artists realize that constant filming be it pictures or videos takes away from the experience for others around them and the audience to refrain.It is a free world and yes this person paid monies like other concert goers but no matter the circumstance he annoyed others and the performer. Maybe he should file a lawsuit helping sell more tickets for Peter and exposing himself by name in the process of getting compensated for his content and smartphone “dumb phone”(user dependent).

  37. Wow, the amount of time spent on this by many of you could have been used to write a surprise love letter to your wife/husband/mate,etc. Plan a trip to the ice cream shop in the middle of a weekday, call a friend and just say hi. So much more productive, so much more real life. I do not wish to offend anyone, I just care and I do not see enough people hanging out w/o phones in their hands, simply enjoying the company of others. That person you criticize and cover with everything but love could be someone’s pastor one day, the next President, discoverer of the cure for cancer, your neighbor. Whatever or whomever your lord, higher power, mojo, or rock god is; allow that power to use that person according to His will and give him room to grow. We all need room to grow. I believe we all want to be loved also, real, juicy, to the bone love. All too often and sadly, we did not have role models to help us learn how to love. It is okay to love someone “where they are at” and from a distance. Six degrees of separation is real and in this case, it means that we all may somehow be close to that person and not even know it and therefore, we all could have “trained” him better🙂
    Heck, I am just a regular person, nothing fancy, not rich, and didn’t think I had anything exciting to talk about or knew anyone “famous” or “very important” until two-weeks ago, two-hours after eating a bowl of Honey Combs and planning to go on a bike ride; I find myself cutting Johnny Depp’s hair for the first time! WTF? I know someone who met someone who bumped into someone who changed a five for someone that was close to Mr. Depp. Plan for everything, expect nothing, get surprised! Oh, and far as time wasted, I am doing this voice-to-text while on my way to see a girl who’s name I do not know and give her a Coke with REAL sugar in a glass bottle because I overheard her saying she missed those so much as a kid and she was so nice to me at the store where she worked.(The Coke is sold in the Hispanic section of my town and made in Mexico, delicious, get one! *I don’t work for Coke!)

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