Star Powered Click Storm

Peter Frampton

A funny thing happened after attending the Peter Frampton concert a few days ago. I wrote a review of the performance which likely would have escaped the notice of almost everyone except for one particular detail…

Late in the show, the artist exasperation with the antics of a drunk couple in the front row boiled over. The guy had been recording the entire show despite multiple warnings not to record video. Still photos were permitted. With no help coming from the Palladium staff, despite it being requested, Frampton grabbed the offending recording device and chucked it toward the rafters behind the stage and proceeded to close the show.

That cell-phone fling quickly became HOT entertainment news for the better part of the next week.

Of course I had reported that detail in my review of the concert and it came to the attention of Peter Frampton who noted it on his Facebook account. With the link to my blog suddenly exposed to the 1.2 million fans who follow Frampton, a click storm ensued.

The following day the item was gaining traction with more than 350 news sources and the click storm to my blog post was seriously on. It has since slowed to a trickle, news cycles age quickly, but not before my blog post received over 70,000 unique views in just a few days.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be using WordPress instead of my own server.

While there’s no fame or fortune for me from the incident, I do have the Web stats from its impact on my blog. And they reveal what I’ve known for a long time — Facebook has become the largest mover of eyeballs in the galaxy. You could take all the clicks to my site that were generated by CNN, CBS News, Huffington Post, and the others, add them all together, and they still don’t equal the direct clicks from Facebook.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Blogging is dead. If you want to build a significant audience, launch a Facebook page. If you want to toil in complete anonymity, start a blog. Maybe one day you’ll get lucky and experience a click-storm of your very own.

Author: Jeff Davis