Remarkable Ham Radio Club Opportunity

At the next meeting of the Fond du lac amateur radio club, members will be treated to a Skype video conference with W1AW station manager, Joe Carcia, NJ1Q who will be back in the control room in Newington. This unique and interesting use of one form of communication technology to support another sounds fascinating to me, and I’d certainly attend the club meeting if I lived there.

Umm, did you hear what I said? I would attend a local ham radio club meeting if it were as forward thinking as this group.

I don’t think you’re getting it. I would attend. Attend. That means show up. Hell, nobody attends local ham radio club meetings anymore — unless food is involved — because, you know, they are only slightly less boring than watching paint dry.

But this concept is rather remarkable. With video conferencing, a local club could have “in attendance” notable DXers, ARRL officials, regional ARRL leaders, AMSAT leaders could explain their current plans for ham radio in space, FCC officials could be solicited to explain rules changes, notable speakers, technology experts, story tellers, the list is endless with some imagination.

One club could even link up with another via video and share ideas and plans. If you don’t think that’s “wow” then quick, have somebody check your pulse to make sure you’re still alive!

(And by the way, if some crusty curmudgeon in your club complains about the idea, physically take them outside and kick the crap out of them. Your group deserves a break from that kind of stupid).

Author: Jeff Davis