Shave and a Haircut


I received an email from Harry’s yesterday, informing me that one of my favorite enterprises is celebrating its second birthday.

Harry’s is the place that bought an ages old razor blade factory in Germany and now ships razors and other shaving supplies direct to your door. No middle man, nothing fancy, just a high quality shave for less than I had been spending on those cheesy plastic disposable razors. I reviewed the service last year when I began using it, and now these many months later I’m still a happy customer.

And no, they don’t pay me to say that. I just like to share good things with my friends when I find them.

Now when it comes to haircuts, I haven’t been to a barber shop in a long, long time. Despite that, I’ve mostly managed to remain groomed thanks to a fifty dollar home haircut kit and the services of my wife. It helps that my grooming needs are simple — a few runs over my aging noodle with a number 2 guard is about all it takes.

We’ve got the process down to ten minutes. Flat. No commute, no waiting, quick cleanup. And no real cost incurred. There’s no telling how much I have saved thru the years but it must be substantial. It’s as close to perfect as you can get.

Except, I do miss the barber shop experience. Waiting my turn was an opportunity to chew the fat with the barber and the other old dudes waiting their turn. If the conversation goes slack, there’s always a stack of hunting and fishing magazines to pour over. How else would I learn about the best lures to attract largemouth bass — or what shot is best for taking ducks?

The problem wasn’t the cost, it’s that my barber got old and his shop is now only open a couple days a week, and only a few hours a day. His schedule and mine just don’t line up anymore. And what’s more, barber shops are dying. There’s only a few left in my hometown, though there are more than a hundred hair salons.

And that’s too bad because radio telegraphers do not make appointments to get their haircut and they do not get their haircut in a salon.

We pound the “shave and a haircut” jingle with brass, but we don’t do salons.


Author: Jeff Davis