Sevierville, We Might Have a Problem


As a TenTec devotee I’m more than a little concerned about today’s announcement that the assets of TenTec and Alpha have been sold by RF Concepts — less than a year after they were acquired.

RKR Designs, LLC of Longmont Colorado has announced that they have acquired the assets of Alpha Amplifier and TEN-TEC brands from RF Concepts. RKR plans to expand the product line, while continuing to service their customers that have enjoyed their products over the years.

I remain a fan and customer and my Eagle will continue to be an excellent performer no matter who owns the assets of the company who designed and manufactured it. But I also believe that businesses should change hands about as often as kids should change parents. This kind of churn will only make it tougher to promote and sell the high value equipment that we’ve come to expect from TenTec and Alpha Amplifiers.

But I’m pulling for the new owners in their expanded venture and hope that a few years down the road we can all say, with relief, that this was a positive step in the continued evolution of amateur radio equipment that’s made in the USA.

Author: Jeff Davis