AMSAT to Update Satellite Book


AMSAT is in the process of updating the seminal book, “Getting Started With Amateur Satellites”, originally written by Gould Smith, WA4SXM. The update is long overdue and will reflect the realities of 21st century amateur satellite operation.

Topics covered include tracking software, orbital mechanics, antennas, radios, Doppler tuning, and operating techniques.

The work goes beyond the brief descriptions provided on most printed handouts and will provide a complete reference for new satellite operators to assemble and operate a ground station. A companion Fox-1A reference sheet is also being planned for release at Dayton. This will be made available for AMSAT’s FieldOps team for distribution at hamfests and satellite operating demonstrations.

Watch for the 2015 “Getting Started With Amateur Satellites” book and reference sheet at the AMSAT booth at the Dayton Hamvention. The publication will also be available online in the AMSAT Store shortly after the Dayton experience.

via AMSAT News Service

Author: Jeff Davis