The End

A little over fourteen months ago, I accepted an out of town assignment with my largest client that was supposed to last for six months. The project was based in Cincinnati, just 110 miles from where I live. That meant driving over every Monday morning, staying in a hotel during the week, then driving home again on Friday night.

This project has finally reached its conclusion and I’m done. This morning I received my final hotel wake-up call and in a few short hours, will be headed home for at least a month of down time. I have no roadmap for what I’m going to do while on hiatus but it’s a near certainty that I won’t be dining in a restaurant for as long as I can get away with it.

And given my long absence, the list of chores at home has become embarrassingly long — I doubt I will get bored.

Oh, and there’s that BIG weekend in Dayton coming up in a few weeks. It’s handy that R&L Electronics is just north of Cincinnati in Hamilton, Ohio so I can stop there on the way home to pick up tickets for Hamvention.

Today marks the end of one adventure; tomorrow the beginning of another.

Author: Jeff Davis